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                                                      SHTIR  SUKHAM  AASANAM-46

                              PRAYATNA  SHAITHILYA  ANANTA  SAMAPTTIBHYAM-47

            THE POSITION OF THE BODY THAT LEADS TO COMFORTABLE BODY AND                           STABLE                                                         MIND IS THE AASAN. -46


        In these 2 sutras we are told the necessary things that are needed to have successful meditation. If we want to be successful in meditation. we must have comfortable posture and steady mind. So the position must be comfortable. In HAT YOGA there are AASANAS and breathing techniques and many other things . These things will help in meditation. If our physical body is not comfortable,then we can not concentrate as we will always try to make change in our position so that we are comfortable. Same is the case with mind. If we want to concentrate on the LORD the one which does not have end or is infinite, we need to have steady mind.
      The typical posture that is suggested as perfect position is not an easy one. Again one can select any position that is comfortable . But to stay in same position without  moving a bit for prolonged period of time is not easy. And if we are unable to continue the same position, for the entire duration of meditation, we will think to change the position. If we resist it then we are loosing the concentration and if we change the position often then we are breaking the concentration. So we need to practice the various AASANA that are taught in Hat Yoga, we will have easier time in keeping the same position when we are doing the meditation. And if the desire to change the position is gone ,then the concentration is achieved easily and not broken. And mind has one less thing to worry or disturb.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


                                   SAMADHI  SIDDHIR  ISHWAR  PRANIDHANAT


         When one surrenders to the God , his thinking changes . He looses the 'Ines' or the Ego in doing anything and that reduces the attachments. If I do something good or great, I develop the attachment, thinking that "i" DID it. So If I have invented anything , written anything , done any painting or done any sculpture, I am proud of it , I am possessive of it and in doing that develop the attachment. This attachment is an obstacle in achieving the highest level of SAMADHI or deepest level of consciousness, which makes one closer to GOD and FEEL the highest level of pleasure. As long as we continue to think oneself as the 'Doer' will can not separate our self from the physical body.The Ego is soul that is confined to the body. So as long as we are limited by the body , we will never get the experience of one with the GOD. So when we do complete , unconditional surrender to the GOD , then only we can get in the SAMADHI of highest level . We do surrender many a times to the GOD when we are in trouble. But it is neither complete nor unconditional. We always look at people other than the GOD. We also 'ask' Him to help us in our situation and difficulties. So this will not help us in getting any where closer to the GOD , but it gets us more attached to the body , this life and this mortal world. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


                               SWADHYAYAT  ISHTA  DEVATA  SAMPRAYOGAH


                                                CHOSEN  PERSONAL  GOD

   This one is little different one for Non Hindu to understand. In Hinduism, we have several Deities. All of us allowed to worship their Personal God. The Supreme Being has no Form, or appearance.But we can not concentrate on unknown , formless Supreme Being. So we have different forms, or different forms of the DEITIES.I remember one day some one asked a question to one of the SHE in Swami, that was giving a lecture.The question was ,'if I see the GOD, what form would be , will HE look like Lord RAMA or Lord Krishna or any other?' The answer was 'Whosoever you want Him to be.' This form of Deity is the ISHTA DEWATA.
    So in this sutra we are told that when one starts doing the study of the scriptures, (reading the VEDAS , UPANISHADS ETC) , and does chanting of Mantras, and lives the life according to it, he will Perceive the God. So when one concentrates , meditates on a particular Deity, he can talk , get advise get guidance from the Ishta Devata. There are many examples of this. The famous Ramakrishna Paramhauns used to 'talk' with KALI MATA.When Shabari (who was a Prices who had given up her life as Princes and was constantly chanting name of Lord Rama ,waiting for Him for her entire life) DID MEET Lord Rama. We have heard the story of Vivekananda. One day he had to give a lecture to big crowd when he was visiting US,he could not think as to what can he say in the lecture. He was alone in the hotel room and in the next room his assistant was staying. He heard Lord talks at night . He could recognize the  voice of Vivekananda, but could not recognize the other voice. It was too late so he did not go there . Next day he asked Vivekananda as to who was visiting late night, Vivekananda told him , NO ONE . But he had no problem giving lecture. The conclusion was that the LORD HIMSELF was giving him the guidance. Again the language , form time , place are are our limitation and expectations. HE COULD BE ANYONE AND ANY FORM , ANYTIME AND CAN TALK TO US IN ANY LANGUAGE OR EVEN WITHOUT MAKING A SOUND !
    But this can happen only when we have perfected the SWADHYAYA.

Sunday, October 23, 2016




                                      DESTROYED  AND THEY ARE PERFECTED

       When one does the austerity or what is here called TAPAH , then he develops the purity of the body and it's organs . So Let us first see what is TAPAH , or austerity. It could be as simple as fasting on certain days , which is very common in many religions, to strict dietary restrictions. Not eating certain foods all the time is also part of austerity. One could put control various desire or needs, is part of austerity. So when we are IN CHARGE of our various organs and MIND and not the other-way around , i.e. they are controlling our behavior, then that is austerity. So when we decide the restrictions on what we eat or drink or control outer temperature or here certain music and avoid other , etc this all is part of our training our mind and controlling the organs . But this is not just superficial control . So it is not enough that we don't eat certain food , but we don't have any desire to eat it or  no matter what we are eating our reaction to eat is same . 

     So when this perfected by every organ in our body we get some powers or Sidhhi . Again with bodily control will lead to purification of body . So Yogi can think much more clearly and sees better , hearing is great and every organ and mind works at it's peak . So one has to treat or feel same under any condition , No matter what we are eating or listening or seeing , we should have no attachment to it . Then only this can be achieved. 

Friday, October 7, 2016


                                     SANTOSHAT  ANUTTAM  SUKH  LABHAH


       The bliss or the pleasures that we get is due to satisfaction of the DESIRES. But this pleasure is dependent upon one's own desires and will be different in different person. Even in one person the pleasures will be different with different desires. So one may feel higher satisfaction with eating one thing over other. But it is transient and it does not take away the desire . In fact the desires become more intense when they are satisfied. But when one is content with whatever he has or gets, then the higher bliss is experienced. This bliss is unparalleled and is the highest form of pleasure and does not leave you with unsatisfied desires. Certainly when we experience the bliss with meditation ,we want to experience the same one again. But this DESIRE is different that the desire for food or music or sex. To get to this level one has to get rid of ordinary desires and be CONTENT with what we have . 

Sunday, September 25, 2016



                                                               YOGYATWANI  CHA



     In the last Sutra we were told the benefit of cleaning the physical body. In this Sutra we are told the benefit of cleaning 'internally'. So what is meant by cleaning internally? The presence of  pure clean thought is the cleanliness of the mind. Anything that arises out of NATURE - PRAKRUTI, will always have the 3 qualities , namely the Satwic , Rajasic and the Tamasic , the PURE-ACTIVATING AND THE LAZINESS . So our mind and the intellect and the ego and the CHITTA - will all have these three qualities . And based on the predominance of one or other , we will have thoughts ,action and intelligent which is either one of theses three qualities. When the mind or the thoughts purify, our thoughts , and intellect becomes more PURE or SATWIC . this leads to the happiness of the mind , and better control over our sense organs and actions and this leads to ease in concentrating at the time of meditation.
     If one tries to analyze our thoughts or our actions, or use of intellect , then we realize that they belong to one of the 3 qualities or GUNAS. So if I want to drink alcohol or smoke or use drugs , these are TAMASIC thoughts. If I want to build a Temple or hospital or act in a play or be involved in a musical group, these are RAJASIC thoughts . If I want to build atomic bomb , then that is RAJASIC and TAMASIC intelligence. So now if I develop SATWIC qualities , I will never think about indulging in to sense organ pleasure or think of hurting anyone . So I will have better control on my organs . So at the time of meditation -concentrating on the LORD, I will not be distracted by thought of food , sex , drink or be distracted by music or some other thoughts . This will lead to better meditation and higher level of SAMADHI .   

Saturday, September 24, 2016


                          SAUCHAT  SWA- ANG  JUGUPSA  PARAIR  ASAMSARGAH



                                            CONTACT  WITH  OTHER  BODIES)
      One by one we are told the effects or the benefits of dong the YAMAS AND THE NIYAMAS.So We are told to keep our physical body clean.In this Sutra we are told the effect of doing so . In each of previous Sutras we were told as to what happens when we follow different DOES. So when one keeps his body CLEAN , he realizes that this body is mortal , and this body changes and this body deteriorates and  ends with death. We have seen that if we see someone daily we don't realize the changes that occur in their appearance daily . But someone who has not seen  them  in long time suddenly makes a comment that 'you have lost weight ' or' you have lost hair '. So when one cleans the body carefully , we realize the developing wrinkles, or loss of hair or weight gain etc. But when we realize that ultimately all these changes  lead to  demise and death of physical body. The he develops dispassion towards the body.
      This also has the effect on our thinking about the other person's physical bodies . What looked very attractive , sexual now does not look so . This does not mean that we don't love or admire or have no feelings . But the physical attraction lessens  and our liking is at much different level.
      One of the obstacle in the path of meditation is the mind wandering all over . So the lack of physical attraction helps us to concentrate more easily .(Each one of the other YAMAS have the same purpose.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016




                                GETS  KNOWLEDGE  ABOUT  FUTURE  BIRTHS

    In this Sutra we are told the benefit of following the  last of the YAMAS. So when one follows the path of non stealing the major problem comes with collecting things that we NEED and MAY NEED or MAY NOT NEED . So when one does not need anything as his bodily needs are none then he does not NEED anything and the he does not need anything to collect. So when one perfects the non-hoarding then he has no attachments to the body . When one is not attached to the physical body , then he can see the previous births and can know the future births.
     So how can one explain this ? We collect things because we like them and NEED them . But which part of US need them ? It is the physical body . Foe example we collect food or musical CD or alcohol of different varieties , only because our PHYSICAL body needs them or we are attached to them s we enjoy them -again it is physical body that has the enjoyment. When one starts doing meditation and gets success and follows the YAMAS, we are less and less attached to the physical body. We start not allowing the effects of our actions leading to impressions and then that causing the desires. (remember the circle of mind - action leads to impression , the impressions leads to desires and the desires lead to action which leads to again impressions)So after getting success in meditation,we do not get the impressions after our action. So now we do not get tangled in to theses things , our older impressions that are stored in our astral mind /brain , starts surfacing . So we realize why we were attached to something or why we were afraid of certain things. These will lead to our KNOWLEDGE of previous births. Once we know which one of these impressions have come to fruition and which ones have not yet come out , we can predict as to the future births that will occur to allow these remaining impressions to come to fruition. I know this sounds far fetched , but there are people who know their previous births.

Sunday, August 21, 2016





         As mentioned in the last Sutra , we are told about the benefits of following the YAMA and NIYAMA. So in this Sutra we are told that when one follows the celibacy, in it's fullest form , he will get great energy. Just remind , all the Yamas and the Niyamas have to be followed without exception. So the celibacy must be followed to fullest . So one must not think about the sex and never should engage in sexual activity. Some people would hide and not in come in contact with other sex , as has been done by some , so called Yogis. They don't allow the women to visit them . This is not celibacy. When one does not have eve a thought of sex under any conditions , ten it is celibacy. So when this is perfected , Yogi will get tremendous energy.
       There is a concept that when one is diverting energy in Sex related thoughts or actions , he looses energy. So when this energy is conserved, Yogi has great energy. It is also possible that when one has single pointed concentration , then he is likely to achieve the GOAL of perfected Samadhi . When one gets to the highest level of Samadhi, he has energy like never before. One needs rest in day to day life as we get energy from food and sleep. But when one gets energy from the God Himself , one does not need sleep or food . There are several examples of Yogis, not eating for several days and not sleeping at all.The question that leads to God is similar to one when we are asked as to where does computer gets electricity?  If the answer is battery, then where does battery gets the charge rom , If the answer is electric outlet , then where does outlet get it from is the question. The power station is the answer then where does the power station get it from . The one has to answer nuclear or coal or wter or wind . But then the question comes where do they get it . So then we come to the universal energy and then if you believes in GOD, and the theological origin of universe, then the ENERGY IN THIS UNIVERSE ORIGINATES IN GOD is the answer.   

Sunday, August 14, 2016





        As mentioned in previous Sutras , these Sutras are telling us a to what happens when e perfect the YAMAS and the NIYAMAS  what happens to our ability. So in this  Sutra we are told that when one perfects the ASTEYA or non-stealing, we achieve the power of attracting all the wealth to us . So as long as we have desire to get the health, we may not get it and even when we get it we are not happy. But when we do not have any attraction or we do not take any thing that does not belong to us and since anything that we don't need at that moment we don't collect, we do not take anything . So if we need it we will not be short of it . The wealth that we need for that moment , we will get it as it will come to us .
     This is some what difficult to understand . So if Yogi wants to help someone with money or food or water , he will get it . The wealth does not necessarily means money or diamonds r gold . If that is what is needed then he will get it , sometimes without asking for it. One story will explain it. When  Ramadas Swami was in deeper parts of mountain and Shiwali Raje went to see him , it was hot and when Shiwaji Raje met him , he was quite thirsty. Samarth Ramadas Swami knew it without Shiwaji Raje telling him. There was no immediate availability of water . Ramadas Swami moved a stone lying on the floor and a fresh water started flowing in . Shiwaji Raje washed his face and had fresh water . This is what one can get with perfection of non-stealing. The water at that time was WEALTH AND JEWELS .  

Sunday, August 7, 2016




                          EVEN  WITHOUT  ACTION  (WITH  ONLY THOUGHT)

      We were told about the YAMAS and the NIYAMAS . Now in few of these Sutras we are told as to what happens when we DO practise them to their fullest extent. So we were told about the NONVIOLENCE.In this Sutra we are told the effect of following TRUTH or not telling a lie . Again as was mentioned in one of the previous Sutra these things have to be followed to it's fullest extent without any exception.Then and then only these 'powers' are seen or achieved.
      So when Yogi does follow the truthfulness, he achieves the power of HIS THOUGHT BECOMING TRUE .So normally if I want to get a job ,I have to work for it. I have to apply , and may be get an invitation for the interview and then do well in the interview and then get accepted for the position. So there are several actions that are needed to have the FRUIT of the actions.One can not just THINK about getting a job and GET IT. But here the YOGI can think about it and it will happen. So if I want to eat meals , I have to prepare it or buy it. So I have to make ACTION and then only I can expect the FRUIT of the action . And in some case in spite of action I may not get the EXPECTED fruit. But if YOGI says something , it WILL HAPPEN. So if He says that one will get a child or will be successful in business or get a job , it will happen. One may question as to how this can happen.The answer is kind of difficult to explain or understand . The WILL of the Yogi is one with the COSMIC WILL. If you had read the book by Jose Silva titled MIND CONTROL , you will understand it . One can be in tune with the cosmic will at particular stage of our sleep . During that time one could get certain success in getting desired thing done . Again there are limitations to what one can get done . So if there is no rain , one can not expect to SELL umbrellas. One can not harm someone by being in tune . This can be done by practise . But it has limitations . On other hand the YOGI when they achieve the power or SIDHHI it has no limit .
      We in our own life have heard about the stories about some Yogi performing such blessings. In many cases he may offer some PRASAD or some such action that will lead to the desired success. 'Use this oil or use this ashes -BHASMA ' are common actions that we have heard about in such stories . This is done by YOGI so as to avoid taking credit for the success and also to avoid developing ego . (I have the power !)
      So whatever YOGI says , WILL happen . This power or SIDHHI is the result of telling the truth ALL the Time .  

Sunday, July 31, 2016




     We were told to cultivate the nonviolence in our mind and action ,and think positively . So now for next 11 Sutras  we are told the FRUITS that will be seen when one has perfected various YAMAS. So this one tells us that we or Yogi has no violent thoughts, never and under any circumstances ,he has power to get rid of any animosity that anyone may have . Here when it is stated 'anyone' it means any human being or animal.
      This meaning must be carefully understood as it could be misconstrued. One condition to achieve this power or get the fruit of following the 'nonviolence' to perfection, is that THE NONVIOLENCE MUST BE BE 100%.One should have no thought even under any condition ,certainly no violent action. When we see someone or here about some news , we react to it . Let me give an example. We know about a serial killer . Then some one tells us that the jury gave him life sentence or capital punishment. Ordinarily one will have reaction . And it will be 'he got what he deserved !'But that is not nonviolence . When the reaction is I wished he was in counselled in early stages or had better childhood or was in contact with great sage and this violence would have never occurred. So under any condition , no matter how much justified by common man or society,the Yogi or someone who has perfected the art of nonviolence, he will never have any thought of hurting anyone.(let alone hurting physically and no matter how much he deserves according to our society.)
      When we come in contact with such a person , our violent thoughts will disappear. Even the cruel animals will not act violent.
(NOTE- I know this sounds to be too good , only because we have not come across ANYONE who has achieved this level of NONVIOLENCE )

Saturday, July 30, 2016




                                                            PRITIPRAKSH  BHAWANAM
     This sutra looks complicated , but it is not once we understand the complicated language and the premise that we should know and accept. So we will have thoughts of violence . This could be through in thought or physical . This could be direct or indirect or permitted or encouraged. Let us take some example . When we someone , we have a positive or a negative thought or may be neutral i we have not known that person . So if we had negative experience of that person , we will have a negative thought . We may wish some harm to him , may be that he would fail in an examination or should not get promotion or success n the business etc. So this is a violence in thought. If we get a bad thought and not act upon it it is lees in severity than if we act upon the thought. So if we think he should not get promotion in the job , it is mild violence in thought. But now we act and tell his superior that he is bad or not trustworthy etc , we re doing more severe violence . Let  us say we injure him so he can not go for the interview , then it is severe  form of violence. So this is mild , moderate and severe , and DIRECT.
     But now take same example . We do not do anything our self but ask some one to inform the superior to tell bad things or employ gundas to hurt him , this is indirect violence. One can take example of eating meat. Killing our self , having butcher kill and then being cooked by some one else would be direct and indirect form of violence. In the same example if some one is beating the person and we do not stop it , it is encouraged or permitted form of violence.I often see parents who do not eat meat , but promote or allow there kids or guests to eat the meat in their home . This is indirect or encouraged violence.
    If one has greed or anger or has delusion , then he or she is more likely to do violence. If I am mad at someone and he shows up , I am more likely to be violent. If I have some kind of greed-say I myself or my relative is competing for the same position or job or contract , then I am more likely to be violent.Think about what BHIMA did in Mahabharata after killing Dushhashan.He drank the blood of his enemy!
     This also hold true for every other YAMAi.e telling truth, not stealing or celibacy, not hoarding .So our action could be mild or moderate or severe . We may lie to get off work by telling a lie that we are sick which is mild form in case of murder. Same thing can be said about all other YAMAS. And anger , greed and delusions will make it worst.
   So now we are told that we need to combat these thoughts by having positive thought . This is called PRATIKSHA BHAVAN . So we should think that myself or my relative is better and will get the contract or the job or promotion on his own qualifications without resolving to the violence . If one also has less attachments to mortal things in this world , we will not have as many bad thoughts as we would if continue to not follow the YAM AND NIYAMA . So if we are not involved in sense organ pleasures, we are less likely to get mad , greedy and act violent.
    One can easily understand the degree or severity of our action in case of celibacy or hoarding or stealing . Then one can easily cultivate positive thoughts to combat them .This will start happening as one gets more success in meditation . So more strictly one follows these Yamas , more easy it is to do meditation and more one does the practice of meditation, easier it becomes to follow them .

Friday, July 22, 2016


                          VITARKA  BADHANE  PRATIKSHA  BHAWANAM



     In the previous Sutras we were told about various YAMAS  and NIYAMAS. i.e. what to DO and not DO . These were related to our day to day life and behavior. But as imperfect we are , we are going to have thoughts or even behavior that is contrary to what we should do . We should not HURT anyone ,or we should always tell truth. If we see someone that has misbehaved in the past or borrowed money or hurt us, when we see him or her, we are going to have bad thoughts about them . and may be we may even act. So here comes the advice from this SUTRA. Instead of allowing the mind to ponder on the bad thoughts , we are asked to counter them with good thoughts . This process is called Pratiksha Bhawan. We should not justify the thoughts or the actions .We may think that may be there was unavoidable reason that someone who borrowed money , has not been in position to return it Instead of killing a roach , we can throw it out .
      I am not sure we can do this all the time . And I am sure we will fail and will have the bad thoughts or do wrong actions . But if we can be successful in sometimes , we will improve . Contrary thoughts can be good thoughts or thoughts about law of karma in the beginning. But in future  it will happen automatically and at a latter state, we will not have bad thought at all.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016






     We were told about the YAMAH or things that we should not do . We should not hurt any one , we should not tell a lie, we should not steal, we should not engage in sexual activity ,(without need for procreation ) and we should not do hoarding. These were the YAMAH. So now we are told about the things that we should DO .So we have 2 sets of suggestion in our behavior.These could be considered as 10 commandments of Christianity The difference between the YAMA and NIYAMA are that the the YAMA are external behavior while the NIYAM are what we should do in our internal behavior.So not to tell a lie or not to hurt anyone etc are all how we should behave with the society . While we should keep our body and mind CLEAN is more internal than it's relationship to society.
     So the SHAUCH is the cleanliness of our body , mind and intellect. If the physical body is not clean then we may have physical sickness and then we will not be in position to get better mentally.So keeping body physically clean is very important . If we look at the scriptures there are many external requirements as to how and when we should take shower. But it may be practically impossible. One can not take shower after each bowel movement. So EXTERNAL cleanliness is not as important as INTERNAL. On should keep our thoughts CLEAN. If we have SATWIK food then it helps the MIND to be quite and calm and not agitated. So when one eats meat or spicy, food -one which has lot of garlic or onion, it is not good.Out intellect should be also be clean. We should not be using our intellect to create violence.In modern society we should not use our intellect to create violent video games or Internet porn , or weaponry or developing schemes  to cheat someone.
     The next one is SANTOSH or satisfaction with what we have or got. We are often frustrated with our own life and tend to blame our LUCK or GOD or someone else . But in reality we CREATE our own life and future, (if one believes in reincarnation).This does not mean one should not make any efforts to improve upon our own condition. But it means we should not be greedy or do hoarding or be unhappy if we do not succeed in getting better condition.As it is said in GEETA , we should offer our all fruits of our actions to GOD .
    The next 3 are TAPA,SWADHYAY and ISHWAR-PRANIDHAN. These 3 are called KRIYAYOGA. These are related to how we improve our min and get one with GOD.Mental and physical endurance is TAPAH , the study of scripture is SWADHYAYA and unconditional surrender to GOD is ISHWAR- PRANIDHN . This last one is where we develop an attitude where we stop thinking our self as DOER and accept the fact that we have RIGHT to action , but not to the FRUITS of action. So if we take out 'I' from our actions then we do not get frustrated if do not get success. Our usual surrendering to the God is CONDITIONAL and it occurs only when we are in trouble and WANT something . Here we are told to surrender to God without any problem , desire or ego . 

Sunday, July 10, 2016





      We were told that the restrains that we need to follow during our day to day life will help us in achieving our goal or the Samadhi . But the religion realizes that in the life of ordinary man or woman , who are married , have jobs and have family and live in society and not secluded junjle, can not follow these restrains 100%of the time . So when one does follow them to a 'T', then it is called MAHA VRATA or great vows .
     There are going to be situations when one can not follow these restrains all the time , 100%, especially when we live in society Say for example when some one is at a job like judge , he has to rule on cases where he or she may have to rule on cases and give punishment or death penalty. So the exceptions may be due to JATI or caste , DESH or place , KALA or Time and lastly SAMAYA -THE CIRCUMSTANCES ..
     We all know the exceptions , but we are told 4 different things where we may have problem following these Yamas. We saw how JATI or caste (king or butcher or merchant etc) may not be in position to follow. The same holds true as far as place is concerned. One may be travelling and may not have vegetarian food . In India the wheat or rice are seasonal crops and even though they are available  through out the year , many families will buy it for the entire year at one time. So he may have to do the collection -may be considered as hoarding .
    So under special circumstances which can be separated under 4 categories, of caste , place , time and certain circumstances , one may have to deviate . By doing this we can still get better , but to achieve ultimate goal we will have to follow it 100% with no exception .

Saturday, July 2, 2016


   The last one of the Yama in this Sutra is Aparigrah. As one can see all the Yamas are restrained .One should not do this or that . So these are for personal behavioral changes .One should not hurt or kill , one should not lie, one should not steel , one should not ehgage in sexual activity and now lastly ONE SHOULD NOT DO HOARDING which is Aparigrah.
     We do tend to COLLECT things in our life time . Just go or any garage sell or go to your own garage . We will finds things that we collected over period of time which either has no use or minimal use . We sometimes go meeting and bring home things like pens or pads that we never use . But we also tend to collect things that we DO USE and need . But do we really need all these things? It reminds me of my own personal experience . I had no job and my residency was to start in 3 months . So I had lot of free time and not much money . So I went a friend's apartment . He had to go for job next morning and I was in the apartment with another friend who also had no job . So when we were done with the morning tea, I was checking out the kitchen cabinets to see if there was anything that we could cook for breakfast or the lunch. To my surprise I found out dozen tooth brushes. I was not sure as to why this single guy would have 12 tooth brushes . So when he came home ,I asked him as to why did he buy so many tooth brushes . The answer was they were on sell!This is hoarding , but not of a worst kind as tooth brushes are not in shortage. When one collects things that are in shortage and others can not get them as we brought them , then it is worst kind o hoarding. The problem with collecting things is more we collect more we think about it and then worry about it and then can not concentrate on meditation. (I am not talking about collecting grains that people in India .but I am talking about collecting gold and silver and diamonds and collectible items etc.) So the lastof the YAMAS tell us not to do hoarding .   

Friday, July 1, 2016


   We have been talking about the various behavioral restrictions or modifications in the Sutra 30 . So there are 5 of them . The next or the 4th one is BRAHMACHARY, or abstinence from sexual pleasure . This one is quite difficult ,especially for ordinary person who has family. But  one has to understand the process of the desires that lead us to the sexual act . Human beings are the only animals with exception of Apes that engage in sexual activity. The story of the Adam and Eve is most illustrative . The way in which it is explained in the Christianity is not the way I interpret it.When I ask  as to what is the sin that we are born with, no one can answer. The sin that Adam and Eve did was to engage in to the act of sex WITHOUT NEED FOR PROCREATION. I don't know if before this act Adam and Eve were reproducing Asexually or not . But the forbidden fruit is the sexual intercourse. So after the act or eating the fruit, they started covering their bodies .(as otherwise looking at each other naked would arouse them sexually.)
     Certainly today one does not have power to reproduce asexually as human beings . So engaging in the sexual activity is essential part as otherwise the mankind will not survive. This may be the reason why God created natural sexual  attraction between Man and the Woman .So one must limit the sexual act to sexual reproduction only . This sounds quite limiting. So if one could limit the activity to marriage partner , it will help . But today we are having sexual encounters without marriage  or even any intention of getting married. This is not conducive to meditation. But even thinking about sex is not good and should be avoided. But we go through a process when a man and woman see each other. So 'PREKSHAN' is the looking or 'checking ' out man or woman . Then if we like what we see , then we think about her or him -called 'SMARAN' . So repeated SMARAN or thought will lead to 'MANA' or getting deeply rooted in the mind . This leads to 'talk' about the man or woman called 'KIRTAN'. So one starts talking about the bodily parts or voice or dress or having sexual jokes or talk about acts .This will lead to 'KELI' or playing games , dating , going to movie or restaurant , holding hands ,  or engaging in to sexual talk. Once this is successful then comes 'SANKET', where one gives indirect indication of desire to have  sex. And the last one is actual act of SEX . One must avoid going down this path or the sleeper slope. So if one avoids the first one then the next will not occur. In today's society one can not avoid contact . So if we avoid repeated thinking and unnecessary contact and talk , then we can be successful.
   To do sexual act only when we want to have children , is very difficult but if one can do that , it will greatly enhance the ability to meditate .

Thursday, March 24, 2016


     The next one is ASTEYA -same as thou shall not steal.So what is stealing? All of us know that we can not go to a store and take something without paying for it . But we do not recognize  certain things that we do which could be considered as stealing. We take pen or pencil or papaers from our work place . Some of us use office postage for our personal mail. These are all examples of stealing as we are doing this without the permission .  The Sutra 30 tells us about the 5 YAMAS or the rules of behavior that one must follow or live with to have the progress in the meditation . The goal of the meditation is to Achieve the GOD or oneness with the GOD. These rules for the daily activity are 5 in number and the fifth is ASTEYA or 'thou shall not steal.' In this world we human beings have invented things for the comfort . We also 'need' certain things to survive . So we need food and water and shelter. So we need food to eat , but when we start indulging in to it and eat more than we should, and we keep food in our storage for future use and we do this in spite  of knowing that others are not getting it , then it is stealing/ Does that sound like 'socialistic' attitude or point of view? It probably does . But if one looks at the whole picture , it is not . The person who is getting food from others without earning it and paying for it , is also doing the stealing . So it does not mean that we should not work hard or make more money. It means that we should have a better attitude towards the money or food or anything that we think is 'ours'. Once we don't get attached to it, we are fine . Once we share as to what we have with legitimate people , we are fine . This will get us less anxiety and will bring in calmness of the mind and help us concentrate without thoughts coming in mind and disturbing while we are trying to meditate .


Saturday, January 16, 2016


        In last blog we were told about the various parts of the YAMA or the things that one must DO . The first one was nonviolence . I am sure one can talk about this more as everyone will think of the situation under which Violence may be the ONLY OPTION to survive or for the GOOD OF society or Good people. I am sure that there is no one perfect solution which can be applied to , under all circumstances . But I hope we understand the principle rather than trying to argue to show when the violence is justified. So in this blog I am going to expand on other parts of the DOES.

     THE SECOND ONE is SATYA  or telling the truth. We all know how important it is to tell the truth. But in practice one can not follow them . I remember a story, which many may know . There was a devotee who had gone to forest to meditate , so he has no distractions. As he was meditating , he saw a man running . The man stop to talk to him and told him that some killers were after him and he was running away from them to escape . He further requested this devotee , not to tell the killers /thieves as to which direction he fled . The man disappeared and soon the killers came there with the daggers in hand , searching for the man . They asked the meditating guy if he had seen the fleeing man and if so which direction he went . The devotee had decided to not lie . So he pointed them to the direction the man had fled . The killers caught the man and killed him . By chance the devotee also dies soon and went to the heaven He was expecting to go to heaven or get eternity and was surprised to know that he was needed to have more births . He was told that he did not understand the principle of the YAMA , tell the truth. By telling the truth he ended helping bad guys and good man was killed . So as one can see that telling truth under certain circumstances is not Good . So one has to have a discriminating ability and not follow blindly. The principle that we are told in scriptures , states as follows. Tell the truth if it is sweet and likable , do not tell or talk if truth is not sweet or is not likable , do not tell a lie even if it is sweet and likable, So one has to find a middle ground. But the middle ground is not to be selected bases on what benefits you. It must be based on benefits. If a father or mother will not tell the truth about drugs , smoking , alcohol or any other bad habits to their children, they are not doing their duty. But one does not have to tell some acquaintance about excessive drinking unless asked for.   .