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      As one can imagine, when we have a success in maintaining any level of the Samadhi, we get more interest and it is easier to progress. But one has to get some 'fruits' out of our efforts, then only one continues to do more intense efforts. This is true of anything in life . If we try to play tennis and have some progress and now we can hit a ball better and may have some success in a tennis tournament, we will be encourager to do more practice. But if we continue to do poorly , we will be discouraged and will may be stop practicing the game of tennis. Same is true of the Samadhi. Once we go through the initial levels of the Samadhi , which are not as difficult as the higher levels are, (though with no previous experience we find it more difficult),we must see some improvement or some rewards of the Samadhi.So once we have perfected the Nirvichar Samdhi, we have some knowledge of the SELF and have some intuition. How does this manifest in practical life ?When we are at the higher plane of the thought process or may be the so called 'universal mind ', we can 'know' more than ordinary people. You might have seen someone ;knowing' something that ordinarily is impossible to know. e.g knowing that some one had auto accident or knowing that some one has delivered a baby(when we knew that she was pregnant but not known that she was in labour.)In the beginning this may come as surprise. But this is the intuitive mind that we see at work. This can not be explained on the basis of logic, but only on the basis of the mind power that one develop with the ability to concentrate beyond the 'gross' objects.
      These kind of so called power will encourage us to do more efforts to achieve higher levels . ONE SHOULD NOT GET STUCK AT THIS LEVEL. These intuitive thought may be random and not always on 'demand' . But they are still there.But the main thing that hapens is the ability to see beyond the Gross level.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


                                                 TA EVA SABIJAH SAMADHI

                           THESE (SAMADHIES)TOGETHER ARE WITH SEED

     So far we have been talking about the various stages of the Samadhies. In the Savitarka samadhi , we have one concentrating on gross object. In the Savichar samadhi we still concentrate on the Gross object' , but it is without needing the actual , physical presence of  the gross object.But it is still required in our thought. In the next levels, we go higher and subtler levels with the AHANKAR, (the EGO ),called SANAND and still subtler is the CHITTA or the origin of the EGO or AHANKAR called the CHITTA.(SASMITA).
      Even though we have subtler levels and don't need the 'Gross" object we still have the object.The mind(level of SAVICHAR SAMADHI ) is subtler than senses(SAVITRKA SAMADHI ) and the ego(SANAND SAMADHI) is subtler than the mind and the Chitta(SASMIT LEVEL) is still subtler.But we DO HAVE THE RELATIONSHIP TO THE OBJECT. So it has a SEED . So it is with BIJA or the SEED. In the higher level of SAMADHI , there is no seed . This will be described in next Sutras.

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       This sutra is telling us that as one tries to concentrate on smaller and smaller thing , he goes 'higher' and 'higher' level of the Samadhi. We were told about the lower levels as being concentration upon the 'gross' objects and gradually the object of the concentration is subtler and subtler.You might have heard that worshiping the Lord Shiva is good , but when one can worship and concentrate upon the "PINDI" or the "LINGA", it is better. This is due to the fact that the PINDI represents the 'nonhuman ' structure , which represents the origin of the life. This is subtler than the Lord Shiva Statue. So we are at higher level of the Samadhi.
        To understand the meaning of the ALINGA STATE, one must know the concept of the origin of the universe. This is discussed in the latter chapters.According to the Hindu concept the Universe is singularity and then expands and then then contracts or better word is 'dissolves' in to again singularity. This has continued for ever. So there is no beginning or end to this process. When the Universe is in the 'balanced' state , it is in state of singularity.At that time the 3 qualities (Gunas) are in balance. This is called the SAMYAWASTA. or the dormant state of the universe. The nature or the PRAKRUTI which has the qualities and the the Spirit or the PURUSHA.But this balance state is called the ALINGA. So when we start ascending or going deeper in our concentration , we can go to the level of the ALINGA state.

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In this Sutra we are told that there are higher levels of samadhis and they can be explained , in the same way as the lower levels of samadhis have been explained in the previous sutras.So one has to understand the levels of the samadhies and how we concentrate and progress in it.In the beginning we concentrate on Gross appearance of the statue or picture. But then when we have progressed in the concentration, then we start looking beyond it like the 5 gross elements that go in formation of the all the things in this world.So let me first summarise the various levels and the object of the concentration , and what we get out of it .
    In the SAVITARK and NIRVITARKA we concentrate on GROSS elements and gross objects and this is done by GROSS senses.Once we have achieved success in this level we have mastery over gross elements.
    In the next level, called ,SAVICHAR and NIRVICHARA levels of the samadhi, subtle are the focus of the concentration and we use subtle senses to achieve t. This leads to purification of mind.
    In the next level called SANANDA, we leave the senses and then go to the level where we are at the level of EGO or Ahankara.With the success of this we have more purity of mind and get some Psychic Powers.
   In the next level which is called SASMITA, we are at the level of CHITTA, or the source of ego When we have the mastery of this levels ,we get Intuitive Vision.
   When we reach the higher level called ASAMPRADNYAT level, we have complete withdrawal of the all senses, mind , and CHITTA, This leads to the highest level and we have the liberation.
   In the BHAGAWAT GEETA, CHAPTER ONE, verses 15 to 18 have mention of various conchs being blown by various PANDAWAS, have some relations to the levels of samadhies.These Pandawas are related to the 5 Elements (MAHABHUTE) and they also have various CHAKRAS and they also indicate what we perceive when we achieve the different levels of samadhies.So I will try to mention them .
   Sahadeva, the youngest of the all Pandavas ,is related to the element , EARTH and is located at the level of the MULADHAR CHAKRA, .This chakra has 4 petals and the controlling Deity is GANESH.It is at the coccygel part of the physical body. At this level we are in SAVITARKA samadhi.So when we have perfected it, we hear sound of HONEY BEES.(This is the sound of the conch of SAHADEV, called Manipushpaka).This chakra is related to previous impressions or SAUNSKARAS.
  The next one is Nakula, which represents, the element WATER, and it is related to the SWADHISTAN CHAKRA, This chakra has 6 petals and the controlling deity is BRAHMA.It is at the sacral level of the physical body. At this level we are at the SAVICHAR samadhi.The sound that we hear the sound of Flute and that is the conch of Nakula called SUGHOSHA. There are no more doubts like in previous level (Savitarka)and we are guided by the intellect.This is related to RAJAS GUNA,may be that is why it is under the control of BRAHMA.
   Arjuna represents the element TEJA or the Agni and is related to the Manipoor chakra. This Chakra has 10 petals and it is at the level of lumbar spine level in the physical body.The controlling Deity is VISHNU and it is related to the SATWA guna . The sound that we hear withe the control of this centre is sound of VINA or Harp.The level of Samadhi is called SANAND. Now we are beyond the gross or subtle elements and we are at the level of Ego.The conch of Arjuna is called Dhananjaya.
    Bhima represents the element of AIR or the VAYU, He also represents the ANAHAT CHAKRA .This chakra has 12 petals and is under the control of deity of RUDRA. It is related to the TAMO GUNA and physically it is at the level of Dorsal spine. The conch of Bhima is called PAUNDRA nd the sound that we hear when we control this level is that of AUM. This is also the level of samadhi called SASMITA . We are at the level of EGO principle or the CHITTA.
  The last one is DHARMARAJ OR YUDHISHTHIR.It is related to element of AKASHA and is related to the VISHUDHYA CHAKRA.This chakra has 16 petals and the JIWATMA is the controller and it is related to the TAMO GUNA. At this level of samadhi is ASAMPRADNYAT SAMADHI and we hear the sound of distant ocean. In this level , the MIND , the Intellect , the Ego, and and the Chitta are all dissolved, and we have pure intuitive perception.

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As we continue to go further in the meditation or the Samadhi, there is a deeper or different level of the concentration or the state of the mind . In the beginning of the Samadhi,as was mentioned we start with  a statue or the picture of the GOD.and chant the Mantra. So our MIND is now thinking of the statue and the words that we are chanting . Let us say I am looking at the statue of the Lord Krishna. So when I look at the statue as the figure gets in my brain , it jogs the memory and the then the minds knows that it is statue of the Lord Krishna. Same is with the words that I am chanting. The words like OM NAMO BHAGAWATE VASUDEVAY, will mean nothing to the person who does not know the Sanskrit language. But when I say it and the words go to my brain hearing center, and goes to my MIND and then the memory is joged  and I know what it means. Even though this happens in a fraction of a second, and I am not aware of it , IT DOES HAPPEN. But with the practice , and better concentration, we reach higher levels of the Samadhi and now I do not need the statue or the word to go through the 'process' that was described , but our mind instantly gets concentrated with the SUPREME BEING,something which does not need the help of SWAROOP(THE LOOK) OR THE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE IT. This is called the NIRVITARK SAMADHI. So in this stage we don't have  the size, shape or form or the words to describe our action.So our mind is one with the object and beyond.