Sunday, June 30, 2019




      In the last Sutra we were told that when the PURUSHA is recognizes to be separate from the CHITTA - the mind stuff  and it is 'SAT CHIT ANAND'- always bliss - this is sepcial ATMA DARSHAN -self realization , one has reached highest level of KAIWALYA , So in this SUTRA we are told that when this stage of Samadhi is reached the mind or CHITTA flows from highest level to the VIVEK status of mind . Some have interpreted it as mind flows towards KIAWALYA.
    When we are doing meditation and trying to achieve the highest levels of Samadhi, we often say that we are climbiming the steps . So when one reaches the highest level of the SAMADHI, we are at the higher level than when the mind or the CHITTA is full of ordinary day to day stuff. When I am writing this,I am thinking about many things,like I need to do my rounds , what am I going to eat for lunch, what else do I need do before the week end id done with etc . So my mind is not at any level of heights that one reaches when we have successfully reached SAMADHI'S highest level. At that stage we do certainly have to do have to do and act and think about the day to day activities  and duties . But the mind of a Yogi who has achieved this level goes from highest level of Samadhi to lower level of day to day activity with VIVEK. The intention of doing activity is much different NOW -in person who has experience the BLISS or the KIWALYA stage , that ordinary person . The ordinary person does things with intention of getting bodily pleasure or satisfying ego or making money etc . But once the KAIWALYA is achieved ,one act with VIVEK. The VIVEK is not control of thought or intentions, but it is natural way of mind which has no desires or motives with any activity or action that is performed . So the flow of CHITTA or mind stuff is not towards ordinary goals anymore .
    One thing that this Sutra is  telling that once the Samadhi is achieved , every thing does not disappear. So the physical body is still there  and it will have all the afflictions that body has  and also the mind  and the ego and the intellect - all are there  and one will continue to ;live' as long as one has to live . These things do not disappear . But the intent behind the 'living' is changed .

Sunday, June 2, 2019




THEN  THE  QUESTIONS (ATMABHAV  BHAVANA)  REGARDING THE  SELF  ARE                                                                             
     There are stages or progression in our understanding of the SELF. We as devotee try to KNOW the true nature of the SELF to be different from the CHITTA or mind stuff, then we  realize that the SELF is eternal,omnipresent,limitless etc then the questions about the SELF are removed .If one has not seen a tiger and has not known or seen any picture or not heard about it, I can go on describing about how the tiger looks or how it behaves or what it eats or how it attacks or many other attributes about the tiger,but he will continue to have more questions . Once he has seen the tiger and experience the behavior of the tiger  then all the questions disappear .  The same is true about the SELF. Many books have told us about the SELF.Many saints have told us what THEY experienced when they realizes the SELF,but until we our self realize the SELF we will continue to have the question about it.
           The animals work at the level of ID.So they GIVE IN to the desires  and the  need of the KARMENDRIYE or organs of action. The self control is minimal The dog will eat if he sees food. The cat will attack the small bird if it sees it easily available. But the human beings are better than that and most work at the level of EGO. The human beings are socialized animals. So we are little better. The difference in most of us and the animals is that we do not ACT on impulse . We wait for the right time. But we also INDULGE in satisfying the sense organs  and desires. The dog will eat as soon as he sees the food . We will wait till the food is served . We do not have control on how much we eat.
        But we are also given a much superior brain and  something where we start thinking about many things . We want to to know on life  and death  and the SELF . This ability makes us different from the other animals. Once we have the thoughts on such matters - other than how to cook better or mix drink differently, we are starting the road to the final destiny of KNOWING the SELF. We then try to read books , we go to lectures of people that we think have answers . We may even have a teacher or GURU. But the next step is PRACTICE  or action to know about the self . So we start the meditation and along with that we have change in our day to day behavior. But we continue to have questions .
    One can describe how to to brain surgery but till one does it he will not know how it feels or how to do it. I can describe to you how a pizza tastes. But until you have tasted it ,you will not know what is pizza.when the GURU or any other saint or swami describes on the feeling of the SAMADHI , we will understand but we will still have questions and second hand knowledge does not take away the all the questions . Once WE our self experience the SELF in SAMADHI then all the questions or doubts are removed .