Sunday, December 17, 2017


                                          NABHICHAKRE  KAYAVYUHA  DNYANAM


                                                     KNOWLEDGE  OF  THE BODY

       The powers that are attained by concentrating on the various areas is continued in this Sutra. so we are told that if one does SAIYAMA or the concentrates on the chakra at navel , he knows about the body.

      There are different CHAKRAS, and they represent different things.The MULADHAR CHAKRA is the lowest one and it is related to SAUSKAR or the impressions and the deity is GANAPATI. It is also related to function of excretion . The next one is SWADHISTAN CHAKRA,and it is related to RAJOGUNA and the presiding deity is BRAHMA and it is related to procreation . (BRHAMADEO created the universe ) . The next one is MANI POOR CHARKA , which is at the level of navel and related to SATWA and the presiding deity is VISHNU  and one additional part is that it is related to SAMANA aspect of the 5 PRANAS, The re are five PRANAS and the SAMANA is the one related to assimilation . So it is related to the physical body function . So when one concentrates on this CHAKRA , it gives us the knowledge of the physical body.

    In this Sutra the word used is VYUHA . The KAYA means body and the VYUHA means arrangement of different elements. In our concept of the physical body , we have 5 PRANASA and the 7 elements (SAPTA DHATU), namely RASA,RAKTA,MASA,MED,ASTI,MAJJA,AND SHUKRA .(RASA IS THE SECRETIONS , RAKTA IS THE BLOOD , MAS IS THE MEAT OR THE MUSCLES ,MED IS FAT,OR INTELLECT , ASTI IS THE BONES OR THE SKELETAL STRUCTURES AND THE MAJJA IS THE NERVES AND THE SHUKRA IS THE SPERMS are called SAPTA DHATU ) , three DOSHA OR DEFECTS OR ILLNESS --namely KAFA, PITTA AND WAT .( These are talked about in AYURVEDA ),and 5 organs of perception and the 5 organs of action .

       So when achieves the perfection of concentration at this center or the CHAKRA , he Knows about the bodily function .  .