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                                                                                                                                                                           ARE IN ONE OF THE 4 STATES, DORMANT ,ATTENUATED,CONTROLLED (OR

                                   NEUTRALIZED) AND FULLY DEVELOPED

       In the last Sutra we were told that there are 5 afflictions . In this one we are told that the origin of latter 4 is the first the IGNORANCE. We are also told that these all exist in four different stages at one or other time .
      Ignorance is the origin or the 'field'. In any field things grow. So if the field is destroyed or not futile then the things will not grow. So to remove these afflictions we have to remove the ignorance. But it is not easy, as these afflictions remain one out of four states. The first one is the dormant In this stage we may not be aware of the affliction, as it is in the Dormant state. This could be any one of the four.This has to do with the 'Impressions'that we 'carry' duo to 'actions' that we do.(Every action has a reaction, or every Karma leads to an Impressions' or Saunskar).So we may have had good food and that has left us with an impression.But we may not be aware of it .I am not aware of the impression that was left by eating Pizza, if I had a full meal of my favorite things. So the desire is dormant. But now the situation is changed.I have become vegetarian or I am fasting and the desire to eat Pepperoni Pizza may come and may go away .At times we may have desire to eat something that we should not or do something that we know is not good , kill someone or beat someone or have sex with some one . This may arise so transiently that we are barely aware of it and we do not have to suppress it , but it automatically goes away.
      This the second state or called Attenuated. REMEMBER IT IS NOT GONE , But it is still there. It is like weeds. When we do not uproot them but just cut them , they are still there and will pop up under nurturing conditions.
       The next one is controlled status . We want to go out to eat and have desire to go to a favorite restaurant.So the time is right and our desire to eat a favorite food is there and it is right at the top .But then we get visit from some friend or have an emergency and we have to go to do the job, or for whatever reason the conditions are not conducive to the fulfillment of the desire. We end up eating the left over and our desire is suppressed. This is the third state.
       The last one is one which is expressed .We have the desire and the circumstances are favorable and we can fulfill the desire . So this is the fully developed or expressed.
    Now when we talk about the lower levels of existence , namely the animal YONI, whenever there is desire they will try to fulfill it. But the same behavior is not possible as Human beings.So sometimes we have to suppress them , sometimes we fulfill them and sometimes that are so inappropriate due to the societal structure, that they remain dormant.Even though we talked about the desires, in various stages , the same applies to the 4 afflictions that are mentioned. Let me take one quick example . We don't like particular vegetable , say Broccoli, but when we visit our in laws , they have it specially cooked for us , what are we going to do . WE SUPPRESS THE DISLIKE and eat it.I am sure that we all can find examples of all 4 types of the afflictions if we think about it .

Friday, March 13, 2015





     In this Sutra we are told about the five different Klesha or the afflictions. Theses are called Klesha as they cause the suffering for the Jiva . Jiva is the soul that relates to the physical body and forgets it's pure nature and which is 'free' from the bodily afflictions. The Ignorance is the origin of the latter 4 afflictions. When we have ignorance , it causes us to be egotist and get either happy when it is satisfied and unhappy when it is insulted. Ignorance is what causes us to be attached to things that are not immortal  and when things that are immortal and are destroyed or change , we are unhappy.We have attachment and hatred due to ignorance and lastly the bodily attachment is purely comes out of ignorance about the changing nature of the body . We are born and an infant becomes child , then the child becomes young man or women and the the young becomes old and old person dies. But what dies is the physical body and not the the soul . But our attachment to the physical body which comes out of ignorance is also the cause of sorrow and unhappiness.
    The relationship of these different afflictions are in Geeta too. In the first chapter, verse 8 it is mentioned that the warriors on the side of Duryodhana , the oldest of the Kaurawas, are Drona, Bhishma, Karna , Vikarana ,Kripa ,Ashwathama, Somadatta and Jayandratha.The symbolic meaning of these characters is much deeper than what has been addressed or not addressed by most the GEETA commentators. According to PARAMHANSA  YOGANANDA, each one represent what we talked in this sutra. The Drona represents 'past impressions ' or saunskars, the Bhishma represents Universal Ego or ASMITA, the Kripa(charya) is AVIDHYA or ignorance ,Karna is the RAGA or attachment (to pleasure), Vikarna is representing the Hatred or the DWESHA , Jayandratha is representing the attachment to the BODY. or called ABHINIWESH .As one can imagine all of them are on the side of Druryodhana or the one of the bad habits out of 100.Kaurawas. The Duryodhana is the King of the Desires and is son of Blind King (which is actually blind mind )
     I know this is too deep and difficult , but will be better explained as we go farther in this PAD . 

Saturday, March 7, 2015





       In all the Sutras , there is always reference to the previous Sutra and it is understood that one is reading these Sutras at one sitting. Os there is no direct mention of the Kriya Yoga, in this Sutra , but it is understood that we are talking about the effect of the Kriya Yoga, which was mentioned in the first Sutra .So when one tries to do Samadhi , then there are various problems that will arise due to mind going all over. The emotions take over and then it becomes difficult to do the concentration , that is required for the Samadhi . So there is a relationship between the two which is reciprocal. When we get better in the meditation,or get better in achieving Samadhi, then the things that affect our mind and it's concentration, (Klesha) are reduced. And when the Kleshas are more dominant then one can not concentrate and get better in Samadhi . But it is stated that when we try to do the Kriya Yoga (which is control of mind , body and speech, doing chanting and adopting  breathing techniques,study of the scripture and offering everything to the GOD ), will help us in reducing the mind tendencies .
      These Kleshas are described in the next Sutra.