Monday, May 29, 2017


                                         TRAYAM  ANTARANGAM  PURVEBHYAH --6


                                         TADAPI  BAHIRANGAM  NIRBIJASYA--7


These Sutras are related  to the previous one. In the last one we were told that the the deeper levels of the Samadhi will lead to some powers and Saiyam should be used to get at higher levels of the Samadhi rather than ENJOYING the powers that are achieved with the concentration.
    So now in these two Sutras we are told that the three things that were mentioned for the perfection of the SAIYAM are concentration , meditation and the SAMADHI - are INTERNAL compared to the other 5 of the ASHTANG YOGA, namely the YAMA,NIYAMA,ASANA, PRANAYAM, AND PRATYAHAR. As one can see the first five are external or behavioural changes and the last three are the internal . So in the Sutra 6 we are told that the concentration, meditation and the Samadhi  or the superficial state of the Samadhi -are internal. but then in the Sutra 7 we are told that the even these three things which are internal become external and not part of the Samadhi which is SEEDLESS.
     There are various levels of the Samadhi .
     The early stages of the Samadhi is at gross level and is SAVITARK AND NIRVITARK.
      The next level is SAVICHAR AND THE NIRVICHAR which is at the level of subtle elements and senses.
       The next level is SANAND and is related to the AHANKAR or EGO.
        The next one is ASMITA which is at the level of CHITTA which is source of the EGO.
        The next one is ASAMPRADNYAT  where the CHITTA is withdrawn .

These will be described in detail in future . But as one can see once the CHITTA is withdrawn ,there is no SEED or element that we need and so then the initial levels of the SAMADHI become External-outside the highest level of the SAMADHI and not needed and has no BIJ or the seed. At this level one is not concentrating on ANYTHING OR SEED . 

Sunday, May 28, 2017


                                              TASYA  BHUMISHU  VINIYOGAH

                                             USE  THAT  FOR FURTHER  STATES

      This sutra tells us or warns us about the progress that will occur when one continues to concentrates  or does SAIYAM on the various stages of the MEDITATION or the stages of the Samadhi..
      When one getting better in the meditation , there arises the PRADNYA or the Intellect. This is called RHUTHAMBARA PRADNYA. This is not ordinary intellect that is developed when on learns medicine or physics or IT. This is much different. So when one is successful in getting more concentration, he develops higher level or plane of the SAMADHI. At different levels of the SAMADHI, he gets different POWERS. or SIDHHIS, as they are called.
      One may get caught up in the powers that come with the higher levels of the SAMADHI.So if we concentrate on a particular aspect of a thing , say  for example fragrance of the rose  flower,- we can have ability to actually generate the aroma of the rose , without the rose being there. This can be said about any other sense organ or any other action. One can get caught in to these types of powers . I am sure if I can generate or experience any sense perception without the object being there, I would like to experience it , show off it or enjoy it or all of the above. This will halt the progress of achieving the higher levels of the SAMADHI.
     This can be compared to say expedition to  MT. Everest . One can get caught up in the beauty at lower levels of the height and then forget the goal ,which is to reach the highest peak of the Himalaya. So this SUTRA tells us to use the special Knowledge  or the  RHITAMBARA PRADNYA to further our progress in getting in to deeper levels of the meditation, rather than get caught up in mini success.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


                                                    TAJJAYAT   PRADNYA  LOKAH


         When the Yogi or one achieves the concentration and then the meditation to it's perfection, he starts KNOWING the the things about 'things' that one is concentrating , more than the usual knowledge seen by the average person . When we see things we know superficial things about the the object . But when one gets to higher level of the concentration,then he KNOWS things that are knowable only with Intuition. The PRADNYA is the word used is more than the superficial knowledge. So if I see someone that I have not seen befor , I would know if he is male or female and the color of the skin and from the clothes may be if he is rich or poor and may by the speech , his or her mother tongue or where is he or she is from . But we have no way of knowning anything more . But with intuition , one can know much more , including some thoughts or past or even future . This is PRADNYA.
      So when one concentrates and achieves the mastery in it ,he will get the special knowledge about THAT thing --the object of the concentration or meditation.

       This is somewhat difficult to grasp , but in next few Sutras , it will become clearer.