Sunday, July 9, 2017



                                 AVASTHA  PARINAMA  VYAKHYATAH



                                                  AND SENSES ARE EXPLAINED

        This Sutra is little difficult to understand as the meaning of the usual words is different when used in this conection . So there are three different words that  are used in this Sutra. namely DHARM , LAKSHAN AND THE AVASTHA.
     When we use the term Dharma we use it as religion. So when we say my DHARMA is HINDU , we refer to our religious belief. But we also use the same word for the description of the nature . The snake is going to sting as that is it's dharma  or nature . So the same word has different meaning when used in different relationship. In this Sutra it tells us about the characteristic of the DHARMI. So if we would consider gold. It could be a gold coin or a gold ring or gold neckless or a gold pot . So the DHARMI is the gold and all the different things that we are seeing are related to it .
     LAKSHAN is related to time .So the change that occurs with TIME in the gold is the Lakshan . So the DHARMA is the modification that occurs with time .

     The AVASTHA is the effect that occurs with the time. But this is subtle. The change in gold from the gold as a metal to a gold as ring, is the change of DHARMI . But the change continues to occur in the the gold even when we think it is not changing .This is called AVASTHA.
      The PARINAM is the result of these things or the effects.

      So the few more words .
ANGAT LAKSHAN PARINAM. When we have basic stuff -in case of gold ring is GOLD or in case of pot , it is soil in case of a pot, is the ANGAT LAKSHAN PARINAM . (ANGAT is one 'which is in it '   or past .

VARTAMAN LAKSHAN PARINAM- So when earth or the soil is converted in to a pot , or when the gold is converted in to a gold ring , it is PRESENT TIME CHANGE or VARTAMAN PARINAM .

 ATITA LAKSHAN PARINAM -This refers to past , So when the gold ring becomes simple gold or the pot becomes the earth or the soil , this the ATITA PARINAM.
     Now that we know these words , let us use the CHITTA instead of gold or the earth/soil. So the CHITTA is the DHARMI and then when one does practice the meditation or the SAMADHI , there are changes in it in relation to the TIME. So the CHITTA before the SAMADHI is one state -which would be ANGAT LAKSHSN PARINAM , ,the CHITTA in the SAMADHI state is the VARTAMAN LAKSHAN PARINAM, and when the samadhi is done with and the chitta is back to the usual state , it is ATITA LAKSHAN PARINAM .

    So we are told that in the previous SUTRA, that the changes that occur in PERSON -BHUTA and the senses or INDRIYA have been explained . So YOGI is different as a person and the senses BEFORE samadhi , DURING samadhi and AFTER the samadhi .