Sunday, August 21, 2016





         As mentioned in the last Sutra , we are told about the benefits of following the YAMA and NIYAMA. So in this Sutra we are told that when one follows the celibacy, in it's fullest form , he will get great energy. Just remind , all the Yamas and the Niyamas have to be followed without exception. So the celibacy must be followed to fullest . So one must not think about the sex and never should engage in sexual activity. Some people would hide and not in come in contact with other sex , as has been done by some , so called Yogis. They don't allow the women to visit them . This is not celibacy. When one does not have eve a thought of sex under any conditions , ten it is celibacy. So when this is perfected , Yogi will get tremendous energy.
       There is a concept that when one is diverting energy in Sex related thoughts or actions , he looses energy. So when this energy is conserved, Yogi has great energy. It is also possible that when one has single pointed concentration , then he is likely to achieve the GOAL of perfected Samadhi . When one gets to the highest level of Samadhi, he has energy like never before. One needs rest in day to day life as we get energy from food and sleep. But when one gets energy from the God Himself , one does not need sleep or food . There are several examples of Yogis, not eating for several days and not sleeping at all.The question that leads to God is similar to one when we are asked as to where does computer gets electricity?  If the answer is battery, then where does battery gets the charge rom , If the answer is electric outlet , then where does outlet get it from is the question. The power station is the answer then where does the power station get it from . The one has to answer nuclear or coal or wter or wind . But then the question comes where do they get it . So then we come to the universal energy and then if you believes in GOD, and the theological origin of universe, then the ENERGY IN THIS UNIVERSE ORIGINATES IN GOD is the answer.   

Sunday, August 14, 2016





        As mentioned in previous Sutras , these Sutras are telling us a to what happens when e perfect the YAMAS and the NIYAMAS  what happens to our ability. So in this  Sutra we are told that when one perfects the ASTEYA or non-stealing, we achieve the power of attracting all the wealth to us . So as long as we have desire to get the health, we may not get it and even when we get it we are not happy. But when we do not have any attraction or we do not take any thing that does not belong to us and since anything that we don't need at that moment we don't collect, we do not take anything . So if we need it we will not be short of it . The wealth that we need for that moment , we will get it as it will come to us .
     This is some what difficult to understand . So if Yogi wants to help someone with money or food or water , he will get it . The wealth does not necessarily means money or diamonds r gold . If that is what is needed then he will get it , sometimes without asking for it. One story will explain it. When  Ramadas Swami was in deeper parts of mountain and Shiwali Raje went to see him , it was hot and when Shiwaji Raje met him , he was quite thirsty. Samarth Ramadas Swami knew it without Shiwaji Raje telling him. There was no immediate availability of water . Ramadas Swami moved a stone lying on the floor and a fresh water started flowing in . Shiwaji Raje washed his face and had fresh water . This is what one can get with perfection of non-stealing. The water at that time was WEALTH AND JEWELS .  

Sunday, August 7, 2016




                          EVEN  WITHOUT  ACTION  (WITH  ONLY THOUGHT)

      We were told about the YAMAS and the NIYAMAS . Now in few of these Sutras we are told as to what happens when we DO practise them to their fullest extent. So we were told about the NONVIOLENCE.In this Sutra we are told the effect of following TRUTH or not telling a lie . Again as was mentioned in one of the previous Sutra these things have to be followed to it's fullest extent without any exception.Then and then only these 'powers' are seen or achieved.
      So when Yogi does follow the truthfulness, he achieves the power of HIS THOUGHT BECOMING TRUE .So normally if I want to get a job ,I have to work for it. I have to apply , and may be get an invitation for the interview and then do well in the interview and then get accepted for the position. So there are several actions that are needed to have the FRUIT of the actions.One can not just THINK about getting a job and GET IT. But here the YOGI can think about it and it will happen. So if I want to eat meals , I have to prepare it or buy it. So I have to make ACTION and then only I can expect the FRUIT of the action . And in some case in spite of action I may not get the EXPECTED fruit. But if YOGI says something , it WILL HAPPEN. So if He says that one will get a child or will be successful in business or get a job , it will happen. One may question as to how this can happen.The answer is kind of difficult to explain or understand . The WILL of the Yogi is one with the COSMIC WILL. If you had read the book by Jose Silva titled MIND CONTROL , you will understand it . One can be in tune with the cosmic will at particular stage of our sleep . During that time one could get certain success in getting desired thing done . Again there are limitations to what one can get done . So if there is no rain , one can not expect to SELL umbrellas. One can not harm someone by being in tune . This can be done by practise . But it has limitations . On other hand the YOGI when they achieve the power or SIDHHI it has no limit .
      We in our own life have heard about the stories about some Yogi performing such blessings. In many cases he may offer some PRASAD or some such action that will lead to the desired success. 'Use this oil or use this ashes -BHASMA ' are common actions that we have heard about in such stories . This is done by YOGI so as to avoid taking credit for the success and also to avoid developing ego . (I have the power !)
      So whatever YOGI says , WILL happen . This power or SIDHHI is the result of telling the truth ALL the Time .