Sunday, September 9, 2018


                                  NIMITYAM  APRAYOJAKAM  PRAKRUTINAM

                                  VARANBHEDASTU  TATAH  KSHETRIKAWAT



       This Sutra is explaining as to how the meditation works. The comparison is done with farmer who is trying to have a great crop. The crop needs water. The crop needs nutrition etc . So the farmer creates channels or removes the obstacles to the water which is at higher level , and the by the law of nature the water flows from higher level to lower level where it is needed .

        The same thing happens when unwanted weeds which are competing for the nutrition are removed , The crop gets the water and the nutrition without having to compete with weeds . Then the nature does it's job and the plant grows . So the Farmer does not 'GROW' the plant . He simply removes the obstacles to it's growth. The same thing happens . The medicinal herbs or the meditation and the Yama and the Niyama that are discussed before , remove the obstacle that are blocking the true nature of the soul .Once the obstacles are removed the true nature shines .Our tendencies are due to past Karmas .These Karmic impressions are the obstacles . So we have greed , lust , ignorance etc . When one removes them then the soul becomes free spirit .(physical body oriented , limited , confined soul is the Spirit). So the SPIRIT does not have limitation , but the soul has limitations of the body as it feels that it is body and does not realize the true free nature. 
                   So our job is to get rid of the obstacles and the we will be free!

Saturday, September 8, 2018


                                 JATYANTAR  PARINAMAH  PRAKRUTYAPURAT 


       This Sutra is interesting and may have more than one meaning. When one talks about the CLASS or JATI -one could be talking about the various different Human beings -man and women , cunning and nice and rich and poor etc But one could also talk about different species .It is stated that there are 8400000 different species in this world. So as per our thought process , there is transition from one species to other in different life So the question is how and why the change occurs ?Why does a aquatic animal becomes reptile or changes to a bird or even Human being . Even in Human beings, infant becomes child and then changes to young adult to old . What is the cause of this change -which does not need any effort on part of human.The answer is NATURE or PRAKRUTI .

      So the changes that happen are Natural and are due to flow of time and sometimes the changes are so slow that we may not notice it . But the JIVA changes from one species to other is due to nature .The classes other than human being are called for BHOGA or work on the basis of instinct and enjoyment -EAT-SLEEP-PROCREATE - life style . Each species has some special quality and when the JIVA is done enjoying it or has progressed  he changes the species in next life . This is due to NATURE .THAT IS THE WAY IT HAPPENS -THAT IS THE LAW OF NATURE .
    Now the specific changes that happen in Human beings are related to progression of the mind-chitta - intellect . We know of the time when we have seen cunning crooked man becomes religious or helpful and unselfish. We have known about the VALMIKI who was a robber and then became the Rhushi Valmiki . This is due to progress of the mind and chitta and not that of physical body . The change is due to Nature as the CHITTA AND THE MIND AND THE INTELLECT all are part of nature . But it needs efforts. In nonhuman race the change is natural and does not need any specific effort on part of the animal . The change that happens with 'aging' in human being is also effortless , but the change in CHITTA and mind needs efforts on part of human being . 

Saturday, September 1, 2018





      In this Sutra we are told that the special powers arise out of different things .The five things that are mentioned are in ascending order of 'achievements' and their relation to efforts . Some people feel that JANMA or birth is related to specific family or specific KARMAS that we have done in past that give us the certain powers .The example would be a child who has very high musical ability  or talent.  But  the specific Birth is related to different animals - and man is socialized animal- has certain powers . The birds can fly and no one has to tech them , The fish can swim and no one has to teach them . So the power to fly -which is not there with ordinary human beings , is purely related to being born as BIRD . Same is with fish and swimming . So this is the BIRTH giving rise to certain POWER . and as one can see this does not need any special effort. So this is the lowest level of the powers . 

       The next one is related to AUHSHADHI or medicines. The medicines have EFFECTS . In this SUTRA , they are refereed to as powers or SIDHHIS . We know of mention of certain ointment that gives Vision which is far reaching that ordinary human beings can --or so called X- RAY vision . The vision will become ordinary when the effect of the medicine is gone . We can think of modern day medicines like anabolic steroids which help gain weight or medicines that stimulate appetite or medicines like Viagra . These powers are dependent upon external help and one does need to do some effort - take medicine - to get the power. So this is little higher than the last one , but still at lower level . 

      The next one is MANTRA or Chanting . The chanting of Mantra doe give one the powers . There are 2 kinds . One where the MEANING is very important and other where the specific Sound or pronunciation is very important to generate the powers . It is stated that to have the 'effect' after chanting or to get POWERS , one needs to do the chanting of the Mantra which full concentration for 100000 times the number of letters . So NA MO SHI VA Y has five letter per Sanskrit script . So one needs to do the chanting for 500000 times to be effective . One will get the powers , but then to have effects one will have to do the Mantra when one wants to have effective powers .The powers that are obtained by this method are higher than last 2 as one has to make concentrated efforts and has to keep on doing the chanting .

    The next one is TAPA .With Tapa one gets powers and they are superior to last three, namely the one that are due to Birth or due to medicines or the one related to Mantra . With Mantra chanting the SIDHHIS are limited .  But with Tapa one can get much more . The example would the one that was obtained by Vishwamitra or many other sages or even Rawan and other bad characters in our scriptures . When one has DESIRE to do or obtain certain things , then that desire makes it inferior level than one obtained without the desire .

     So the last one is the SIDHHI that that is achieved by SAMADHI . When one reaches the highest level of the meditation , than he has many powers and thew will not be used by him or her for fulfilling ordinary desires .  When one does use the power to satisfy theses desires , then he goes gown and may even loose the powers as whenever there is desire , there is attachment and that leads to karma ans then that takes us away from the goal of one with HIM.