Saturday, May 18, 2019




                                  IT  IS MEANT  FOR  ANOTHER  (PURUSHA)

      This Sutra is telling us as to why Chitta appears to be the coordinator and is affected by the desires , it is not for itself , but it is for PURUSHA . When different things cone together, it results in some product. If flour,sugar,butter and other things come together, to form a cake, the cake is for some one to eat  and the ingredients that go in forming the cake are not benefited by it. Now the flour and sugar and the butter etc are all not with life or CHETANA, So they are inanimate objects and the cake if for the enjoyment of one with CHETANA.When human beings ACT and do certain actions , it is for the pleasure or the enjoyment of the human being and we associate that with CHITTA or MIND-STUFF. So we have VASANAS or desires  and that seem to influence our action. So WE or our CHITTA  seems to act based on our desires . But the CHITTA is part of the NATURE OR PRAKRUTI  and it has the reflection of the SPIRIT or PURUSHA. So it appears to be one with CHETANA . As mentioned before in the example of making cake , the ingredients in the cake can not enjoy the cake . Due to association of the CHITTA with physical body and as the CHITTA has the reflection of the SPIRIT,PURUSHA , it appears to be one with the CHETATNA or the LIFE . The CHITTA is formed from the Nature or the PRAKRUTI and so it is without the LIFE . But the desires which are part of the 3 Gunas , are part of the nature and so they affect the MIND STUFF or the CHITTA .But the CHITTA being without life or energy , can not act alone though in day to day life it APPEARS to be the one which acts  and ENJOYS or experiences the outcome of the actions that are done by the physical body directed by VASANAS or the desires .

   Think about an electric toy train. The switch when turned on will make the train move . But the switch does not move the train . It is the batteries in the train that generate the electric current or the power that moves the train. So externally a child feels that the switch is the cause of the movement of the train .But in reality the POWER is provided by the ELECTRIC BATTERIES. Similarly the MIND or the CHITTA can not ACT or do anything till powered by the SPIRIT OR THE LIFE OR THE REFLECTION OF THE PURUSHA . In that sense the mind stuff is without life  and the actual DOER is not mind or the CHITTA  but is the SELF .