Sunday, May 17, 2015


                     DRIG   DARSHAN   SHAKTYOR   EKATMATA   IWA   ASMITA


    One needs to know the difference between the PURUSH and the PRAKRUTI. The Purush is very different than the Prakruti. The Purush is the Self and the Prakruti is the Nature. The Self is Unchanging and does not have any Qualities or Gunas . So the the mind , intellect and the Chitta , which is more or less 'mind stuff', are all part of Nature or Prakruti. So when we see anything in this physical world, there is seer and the seen. But the power with we see is in Chitta.The seer is the Self.So the two are different , but when we look at it grossly , we feel it is same.. If you ask a child as to ,'how 'do you see?' , The answer will invariably be that," I see with eyes". But then when one goes deeper eyes are not the seer , nor is the nerve that carries the impulses or not even the center in the brain. These are part of physical body. But then is it possible that the mind is seeing . The real thing that sees is the Self , with the medium of Mind or Chitta.
     So when we confuse the Self with Mind or Chitta , theta is called Asmita. So when we think that Self is limited by the physical body and the mind and the chitta , which are all part of Nature or Prakruti , it is Ego. So the Ego is awareness of self .But the Self is limitless and when we feel that it is limited by body, that same Self is Ego .So when we start saying that  'I am happy" or' I am tired ', we are actually referring to body or mind . but we think it is Self which is tired.So this confusion is mentioned here and it is called Asmita , limiting limitless Self to the body.