Sunday, October 23, 2016




                                      DESTROYED  AND THEY ARE PERFECTED

       When one does the austerity or what is here called TAPAH , then he develops the purity of the body and it's organs . So Let us first see what is TAPAH , or austerity. It could be as simple as fasting on certain days , which is very common in many religions, to strict dietary restrictions. Not eating certain foods all the time is also part of austerity. One could put control various desire or needs, is part of austerity. So when we are IN CHARGE of our various organs and MIND and not the other-way around , i.e. they are controlling our behavior, then that is austerity. So when we decide the restrictions on what we eat or drink or control outer temperature or here certain music and avoid other , etc this all is part of our training our mind and controlling the organs . But this is not just superficial control . So it is not enough that we don't eat certain food , but we don't have any desire to eat it or  no matter what we are eating our reaction to eat is same . 

     So when this perfected by every organ in our body we get some powers or Sidhhi . Again with bodily control will lead to purification of body . So Yogi can think much more clearly and sees better , hearing is great and every organ and mind works at it's peak . So one has to treat or feel same under any condition , No matter what we are eating or listening or seeing , we should have no attachment to it . Then only this can be achieved. 

Friday, October 7, 2016


                                     SANTOSHAT  ANUTTAM  SUKH  LABHAH


       The bliss or the pleasures that we get is due to satisfaction of the DESIRES. But this pleasure is dependent upon one's own desires and will be different in different person. Even in one person the pleasures will be different with different desires. So one may feel higher satisfaction with eating one thing over other. But it is transient and it does not take away the desire . In fact the desires become more intense when they are satisfied. But when one is content with whatever he has or gets, then the higher bliss is experienced. This bliss is unparalleled and is the highest form of pleasure and does not leave you with unsatisfied desires. Certainly when we experience the bliss with meditation ,we want to experience the same one again. But this DESIRE is different that the desire for food or music or sex. To get to this level one has to get rid of ordinary desires and be CONTENT with what we have .