Sunday, September 25, 2016



                                                               YOGYATWANI  CHA



     In the last Sutra we were told the benefit of cleaning the physical body. In this Sutra we are told the benefit of cleaning 'internally'. So what is meant by cleaning internally? The presence of  pure clean thought is the cleanliness of the mind. Anything that arises out of NATURE - PRAKRUTI, will always have the 3 qualities , namely the Satwic , Rajasic and the Tamasic , the PURE-ACTIVATING AND THE LAZINESS . So our mind and the intellect and the ego and the CHITTA - will all have these three qualities . And based on the predominance of one or other , we will have thoughts ,action and intelligent which is either one of theses three qualities. When the mind or the thoughts purify, our thoughts , and intellect becomes more PURE or SATWIC . this leads to the happiness of the mind , and better control over our sense organs and actions and this leads to ease in concentrating at the time of meditation.
     If one tries to analyze our thoughts or our actions, or use of intellect , then we realize that they belong to one of the 3 qualities or GUNAS. So if I want to drink alcohol or smoke or use drugs , these are TAMASIC thoughts. If I want to build a Temple or hospital or act in a play or be involved in a musical group, these are RAJASIC thoughts . If I want to build atomic bomb , then that is RAJASIC and TAMASIC intelligence. So now if I develop SATWIC qualities , I will never think about indulging in to sense organ pleasure or think of hurting anyone . So I will have better control on my organs . So at the time of meditation -concentrating on the LORD, I will not be distracted by thought of food , sex , drink or be distracted by music or some other thoughts . This will lead to better meditation and higher level of SAMADHI .   

Saturday, September 24, 2016


                          SAUCHAT  SWA- ANG  JUGUPSA  PARAIR  ASAMSARGAH



                                            CONTACT  WITH  OTHER  BODIES)
      One by one we are told the effects or the benefits of dong the YAMAS AND THE NIYAMAS.So We are told to keep our physical body clean.In this Sutra we are told the effect of doing so . In each of previous Sutras we were told as to what happens when we follow different DOES. So when one keeps his body CLEAN , he realizes that this body is mortal , and this body changes and this body deteriorates and  ends with death. We have seen that if we see someone daily we don't realize the changes that occur in their appearance daily . But someone who has not seen  them  in long time suddenly makes a comment that 'you have lost weight ' or' you have lost hair '. So when one cleans the body carefully , we realize the developing wrinkles, or loss of hair or weight gain etc. But when we realize that ultimately all these changes  lead to  demise and death of physical body. The he develops dispassion towards the body.
      This also has the effect on our thinking about the other person's physical bodies . What looked very attractive , sexual now does not look so . This does not mean that we don't love or admire or have no feelings . But the physical attraction lessens  and our liking is at much different level.
      One of the obstacle in the path of meditation is the mind wandering all over . So the lack of physical attraction helps us to concentrate more easily .(Each one of the other YAMAS have the same purpose.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016




                                GETS  KNOWLEDGE  ABOUT  FUTURE  BIRTHS

    In this Sutra we are told the benefit of following the  last of the YAMAS. So when one follows the path of non stealing the major problem comes with collecting things that we NEED and MAY NEED or MAY NOT NEED . So when one does not need anything as his bodily needs are none then he does not NEED anything and the he does not need anything to collect. So when one perfects the non-hoarding then he has no attachments to the body . When one is not attached to the physical body , then he can see the previous births and can know the future births.
     So how can one explain this ? We collect things because we like them and NEED them . But which part of US need them ? It is the physical body . Foe example we collect food or musical CD or alcohol of different varieties , only because our PHYSICAL body needs them or we are attached to them s we enjoy them -again it is physical body that has the enjoyment. When one starts doing meditation and gets success and follows the YAMAS, we are less and less attached to the physical body. We start not allowing the effects of our actions leading to impressions and then that causing the desires. (remember the circle of mind - action leads to impression , the impressions leads to desires and the desires lead to action which leads to again impressions)So after getting success in meditation,we do not get the impressions after our action. So now we do not get tangled in to theses things , our older impressions that are stored in our astral mind /brain , starts surfacing . So we realize why we were attached to something or why we were afraid of certain things. These will lead to our KNOWLEDGE of previous births. Once we know which one of these impressions have come to fruition and which ones have not yet come out , we can predict as to the future births that will occur to allow these remaining impressions to come to fruition. I know this sounds far fetched , but there are people who know their previous births.