Wednesday, July 30, 2014


    Patanjali sutra Yoga ,is a very old Hindu scripture. It is also called Raj Yoga Sutra. There are many people who have written about this very interesting scripture, including Vivekananda,Chinmayanand,and Jyotirmayanand.I have tried to read and understand it. But one needs to practice what is taught in it ,and literary 'live' it. Then only we can get somewhere in spiritual uplifting.
    It was written by Sage Patanjali  many centuries before Christ .They were credited to the sage Patanjali , but they were 'given ' to mankind through sages , but originally told by HIRANYAGARBHA .(some think of Hiranyagarbha as cosmic mind , while other call him the GOD of astral world.)
    It has one liners, and may be that is why they are called  'sutra' or threads. Together they form the complete psychology of mind in a philosophical way.It has 4 sections ,SAMADHI PAD, SADHANA PAD,VIBHUTI PAD, ANDKAIVALYA PAD. SAMADHI PAD has 51 sutras or shlokas,SADHANA PAD has55 sutras or shlokas,VIBHUTI PAD  has 55 sutras or shlokas. and KAIVALYA PAD has 34 sutras or shlokas .
    When I started reading it or started reading different authors interpretations of this scripture,I was quite impressed by the details of the thought process and the details that are thought about by these people and are incorporated in this book.