Sunday, September 24, 2017




                                       KNOWLEDGE  OF PAST  AND  FUTURE

      From the Sutra 9 to 15 we are told about the three things -namely the Dharma,Lakshan and the Awasta. So we were told that there is a change in the everything . The example could be milk and the yogurt. One can not get yogurt from water , and one can not get ice from milk . So we are now told that when one concentrates on these thigs , and the concentration is perfected , he KNOWS, about the PAST (of yogurt) and the FUTURE (OF THE YOGURT-WHICH IS BUTTERMILK ) . This may sound simple and ordinary or common knowledge in case of milk or water , but then when one thinks of many things in this world , it becomes obvious that knowing past and future is not ordinary , and in spite of these things being common in our life , we do not know the past and future .Look at TV or computer or Fax machine .

        So the question arises as to how one can concentrate on yogurt and KNOW that it came from milk and can change in to buttermilk . The answer is in the thing called ANTAHKARAN. The ANTAHKARAN has 4 different , which are AHANKAR OR EGO, THE BUDHHI OR INTELECT , THE MANA OR THE MIND AND lastly CHITTA which has no English word for it .
       Simple example will explain the difference . We are walking on the road and see a mango garden. So 'I' want to eat and enjoy it . This i which thinks that I AM THIS BODY , is the Ego or the AHANKAR. The desire comes in the MIND or MANA . So I want to pluck it , but my BUDHHI or intelect. tells us that it is wrong to do it and if we are caught then we will pay for it . When i think about the mango I am doing what is called MANAN , which could be contemplation in English. But when I think about the God and repeatedly do it , it is called CHINTAN or meditating on it in English. The CHINTAN could of of anything . So so when the CHINTAN is perfected, we know the Thing perfectly and that includes the PAST state and the Future state .

     So in this Sutra we are told tat one can get this SIDHHI or POWER by perfecting the meditation or doing SAIYAM on it .