Sunday, June 28, 2015


                                               SUKHANUSHAYI  RAGAH


We often use certain words in different context.The word Ragah is used as getting angry. But the meaning that it is used in this Sutra is much different. We were told in the last Sutra that the Seer and seen are different and the Chitta is the one which connects the two. But then then we forget that the these 3 things are different. Then when 'we' have the 'experience' of different things , they create either happiness or pleasure or displeasure. So when we feel happy about our experience , we develop attachment to it. We also develop desire to experience it  again . So this is called RAGAH.
      In the 8th verse of GEETA's 1st chapter, there is mention of different fighters from the Kauraw's army. These include Drona, Bhishma,Karna,Kripa,Ashwatthama,Vikarna,the son of Somadatta and Jayadrath.They according to Parmhamsa Yogananda,represent,Drona-Saunskara,Bhishma-Ego or Asmita, Kripa-Avidya,Karna -Ragah,Vikarna-Dwesha, Jayadratha-Abhinivesh(body bound inclination.This becomes easy to understand when one thinks about Drutarashtr as the blind -king representing Blind MIND. The thoughts are guided by the past impressions-Saunskaras, and by our attachments ,our aversions and our ego.