Saturday, July 25, 2015


                                            DUHKHANUSHAYI  DWESHAH

                                            HATRED FOLLOWS THE PAIN

     In the previous sutra the klesha which was described was called RAGA -the attachment to feeling pleasure. Now if the experience leads to pain , then we develop the Klesha called DWESHA . As long as our experience is at the level of sense organ levels , we are going to have the both ,'the desire to experience pleasure ' and ' the desire to avoid things that cause the displeasure '. So our place of the RAGA and the DWESHA will change as we 'grow'. Today we may have Raga or attachment for eating good food and DWESHA for bad food or any food that we do not like. This goes for any sense organ . But as we progress our subject of Raga and Dwesha will change .We will loose interest in food or alcohol or sex etc. Their place is taken by may be position for mediation , concentration that occurs with the meditation.So we hate when we can;t concentrate and we love when we can sit at a quiet place. But hate when we have disturbed mind and can't quit. In any case this is still RAGA ---ATTACHMENT TO FEELING PLEASURE and DWESHA --OR DESIRE TO AVOID OR HATRED IF WE EXPERIENCE IT .