Friday, March 27, 2020


    I have been talking about some of these stories , some may be real and some may be mythological . In any case they have some moral to be thought about after listening to there stories . This one is similar but little different.
   We all know about BUDHHA, But few may know that he was prince  and his father was told at the time of his birth that he may become great monk or great King. As it happened the king protected him from usual calamities in life till he was married ( I do not mean marriage is calamity)  and then he had a child . He was never left alone  and never was in uncontrolled environment. He went out  and he saw old person , and person with leprosy and then a dead body being carried to cemetery.He had never seen them and when he came to know that we as human beings , have disease  and old age  and then death , he left house . He went in search of the TRUTH.
    So when  he had the enlightenment, he became well known and spiritual leader  and then people expected miracles. But miracles don't happen every day, otherwise they will not be called miracles.
So one day a lady came to him . Her son had just died  and she did not want to accept it  and she wanted Budhha to make him alive . Budhha knew he could not do it . Everyone that is born has to die. We can not reverse the process. AND WE SHOULD NOT be able to do it. But it was not right time to explain her this simple fact and Budhha knew it . So he told her to get a glass of milk from a HOME WHERE THERE WAS NO DEATH EVER. The lady did not realize what he was asking and so went to the town. She went from house to house  to house  asking if there was a death. The whole day passed by and towards the evening she realized . THERE IS NO HOME WHERE THERE IS NO DEATH . Everyone who is born will die !
              She came back to Budhha  and became his disciple.   

( I just wanted to put my 2 cents worth of thought as to how some monk or sages can make dead person alive. In my belief , we have reincarnation and we come back with certain seeds of our Karma that are going to come to fruition. We continue to do new Karma  and that creates new effects or seeds.Some of these will have fruits in this life  and some in next life - stored to have effects in future lives. So when some one dies at the end of effects of the Karma. But some sages can BORROW the next life effects of Karma, to be brought to come to fruition in THIS LIFE  and that will bring the dead alive as now there are some Karmas that have not yet come to life . Again this is my theory .
Those of you who are interested I have a You Tube channel called JUST A TALK . I have mixed subjects discussed in that including medicine  and  theology . PLEASE CHECK IT OUT . ) 

Friday, March 20, 2020


    I have told you a story of Lord Hanuman or Maruti and BHIMA, in which the characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata meeting each other. The similar thing also happened with meeting of Arjuna  and Hanuman. Again the Arjuna was from Mahabharata and Maruti is from Ramayana..
   Once Arjuna was in Rameshwar , southern city in India, he saw the Shiva ling that was created / worshiped by Lord Rama.Then he went to the ocean  and saw the bridge that was built by Lord Rama.The bridge was build by Vanar-monkeys  and small squirrel and it was made out of stones . So the Rjuna was looking at it and had a thought that why did Rama did not make the bridge out of arrows. So at that time a old small monkey appeared next to him and asked him as to what was he thinking . The Arjuna told him  his thought and stated that if it was him he would have constructed the bridge out of arrows. The statement HAD tinge of ego and overconfidence. The monkey told him that Lord Rama had an army of huge , strong monkeys  and the bridge made out of arrows would brake if the army would try to cross it. So the monkey challenged Arjuna . Arjuna would build the bridge  and the monkey will walk over it and see if it can hold the weight. Arjuna started construction of the bridge  and the monkey was sitting chanting Lord Rama's name. Arjuna finished the bridge and the little old monkey stepped on it and it collapsed. Arjuna was surprised . He asked for a second chance  and if the bridge collapsed , he would kill himself . The monkey agreed  and the same thing happened . Arjuna constructed the bridge  and then monkey stepped  and it collapsed. So Arjuna decided to commit suicide .At that time a old man approached them and asked them as to what was going on. So he was told the story. He then asked if there is any witness to the whole thing  and they both stated that there was no witness to to the whole incident. He told them that without witness such a challenge is invalid.
    So then they decided to redo the whole thing over again. This time the monkey was watching  and not chanting . He was relaxed  and confident as the bridge was broken by him twice  and third time would not be exception. The bridge was constructed  and Arjuna was thinking about Krishna. The bridge was done  and the monkey walked on it and nothing happened .The little monkey became huge - the original size of Maruti .He jumped on it and nothing happened. Nothing happened . He was surprised. THIS TIME HE WAS OVERCONFIDENT and had his ego. Then when he looked the old man he saw  Lord Rama and when Arjuna looked the old man he saw Krishna. They both realizes as to what had happened . Arjuna alos knew that the old little monkey was in fact Lord Hanuman.
   Then the Lord Vishnu - which reincarnated as Lord Rmaa in Ramayana  and as Lord Krishna in Mahabharata , spoke to them . When ego and overconfidence took over  and I AM THE DOER   and not that the God is the doer was the attitude they lost . The Maruti agreed to be on the Flag of Arjuna chariot  and promised to protect Arjuna . 

Saturday, March 14, 2020


     This is a story from Indian scripture  and the epics of RAMAYANA  and MAHABHARATA. Those of you who have known these Indian epic stories may know the story as such but not exactly what I am going to tell you. The Ramayana happened before Mahabharata,The Mahabharata is largest poem in the world. The question that some of us may have is that do the characters from one Epic ever meet have interaction with each other ? So there are couple of stories in which there was interaction.
     Bhima from Mahabharata , was very strong  and he used to eat a lot and was considered strongest at that time . He was son of VAYU or wind. But then he started feeling that he was the best and became rude. He developed ego. So one day he was walking over a bridge. The bridge was narrow  and in the middle of it was a old monkey sitting with his tail extended over the entire bridge, As Bhima came close to the old monkey., he did not want to go over the tail and so he asked the monkey to move the tail from his path. The monkey told Bhima that he is too old and weak and he can not even move his tail. He told Bhima that it would be great if Bhima would move the tail away by lifting and putting it away. The Bhima agreed  and bent down and tried to lift the tail with one hand . He could not,So he bent down  and used his both hands to lift it  and he could not He could not understand  and so he applied all his strength  and he still could not . Then he realized that this was not an ordinary monkey, but actually the MARUTI OR HUANUMAN himself . He bowed down and asked for the blessing and forgiveness . Hr realized that this happened as he was too proud of his strength.

    The moral is clear and so I would not state it. But I just wanted to tell a story . When Rama was to be incarnated Lord Shankara wanted to go with Lord Vishnu when he would be in form of Rama. Parvati his wife wanted to go with her husband too. So she expressed her desire to Lord Shankara. He told her that he will be in form of Hunuman  and it will be in monkey form. and he will be BRAHMACHARI - and will not be married .So Parvati who is Goddess of power or strength, told him taht she will be staying in tail . The tail pad tremendous power  and he used it set fire to the Lanka.
That is why Bhima could not lift it. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020


   We have heard that when more people are involved it is more effective . 'It takes a village'  To some extent it may be true . I alone can not change the world. But there there are stories where one has to do it or at least start what one wants to change . There was this short story where a man is walking on a seashore . He saw a n another man walking  ahead of him . As the tide came i some fish would be blown to sand and out side the water . This man was picking them up and throwing in water. The man who was walking behind him watched it and said to him ,you are doing this while you are walking and what difference would it make?The man who was throwing the fish in water answered after he picked up one more  and while throwing it in water said 'it made a difference to THIS one .'So YES one has to do what one feels is right. But the story that that I am going to tell is from old Isapniti  or Panchtantra . IN these books the ISAP who was a slave could understand what the animals or bird were talking  and the same is true in Panchtantra . So the story is from one of the books .
    There was a bird who had made a nest on the branches of a tree. She laid the eggs in it and they hatched . The young one came out. The owner of that farm was passing by one day and he saw the out grown branches of the tree  and told his servant that he should cut these branches . The mother bird was not in the nest . So when she came back the young ones were scared  and told the mother that we have to move as the farmer is going to cut the branches of the tree where the nest is there. So the mother asj=ked as to what happened . The kids told her the entire story. as to how the farmer told the servant  cut the branches. The mother told the kids not to worry . Couple of more days passed  and the farmer was passing by and he saw the tree and was not happy the branches are not cut.He told the servant again that these brnches must be cut in next 1 week . The mother came home to the nest and the kids told her the story . Ther were afraid  and were scared . The mother again told her that 'don't worry'. The farmer was again walking in next 4 days  and he saw that the branches were not trimmed as he has told the servant several times , he got angry and told  his wife who was with him that he has been telling the servants  and the work is not done  and so he is  going to do it that afternoon himself.When the mother came to know about it from her kids she told them , it is time to leave.
    The moral of both the stories is that when one wants to get a job done He or She has to do himself or herself. When one asks others to do it it may or may not be done . 

Saturday, February 29, 2020


    I have seen rituals being performed in Hindu  Religion and also to some extent in all the religions . One must face this way or that way to do prayers , and then we talk about the GOD being omnipresent . So if he is all over and everywhere why do i have to face in one particular direction? I do know the answer,  and yes it would be stupid to have a picture of  Deity or cross or Mary etc at our back  and not face them . But when there is no actual picture  and we are praying in space , do we have to face  a particular direction? Then  a prayer must be done in a particular way otherwise it is not effective.I know the explanation - MANTRAS create certain vibrations  and if not chanted in a correct wat , they are not effective etc. So that brings me to today's story .
     This I think is by Russian author  Leo Tolstoy. This was published in 1885-1886. There were 3 hermits They lived on a remote island .The Bishop and pilgrims were traveling in a boat from one place to another . The bishop came to know that they were seeing salvation . So he decides  to stop at the island . He talks to the 3 old hermits  and ask them how they pray. for salvation They answered ,'Three are ye , three are we, have mercy upon us .'The Bishop decided to teach them about carnation and the Trinity  and the proper way of prayer . The hermits are old  and can not remember , but the bishop continued for many times . Finally he thought they have understood the proper technique of the prayer, he decides to leave the island in the morning.
   As the boat goes of in the waters, he realizes that someone is following the boat . So in the middle of the waters he stops the boat  and he sees the 3 hermits approaching walking / running on waters as if they are running on land.The Bishop asked them as to what happened . Thy answered , 'As long as we were repeating it with you we got the word and the technique , but as soon as you left we forgot exact words  and how we should do the prayer in a proper way,' The Bishop replied ."Your own prayer will reach the Lord , Men of God, It is not for me to teach you .Pray for us sinners.'

Sunday, February 23, 2020


    There are so many stories that we can learn from  and I though of doing this one today . We  often think that the God does not respond to our prayers I have stated it many a times that I do not know anyone who has seen GOD . But do we ever try  and do we try with full faith and trust that we will see Him ? In Indian culture we offer PRASAD , which usually a food to the God . We usually offer a sweet thing hoping that he will respond by giving us Sweet thing . We tend to offer the things that we like  and also the amount is very small on daily Prasad offering and enough when we have invited many people for  religious celebration. The quantity is judged to be ENOUGH for the number of the people invited  and not for GOD. Because we are sure that once we offer it to God , all of it will be left for US to enjoy . So this a short story of sage Namadeo . when he was a child , his father used to do the daily pooja - the 16 steps devotional service to God , that we are suppose to be done . But one of the days , he had to go for some work  and he did not have enough time for the elaborated Pooja . So he asked the son - Namadeo that he should do the Pooja . The father left and then the young son , may be 8 years of age or so went to do pooja . He did the pooja  and then at the end of it he offered the Prasad.HE BELIEVED THAT THE THE PRASAD WAS FOR THE GOD . So he waied for the God to eat it when he had closed his eyes  and offered it. When he opened the eyes the food was still there  and he was not happy. So he did it again  and then told the GOD that he must eat as he was not going anywhere till he ate it . And the the God did eat it
    When his father came home . he  asked the son as to where was the Prasad, the son answered that the he offered it to the God  and the God ate it . The father was not amused . He did not trust the son. He told the son that he has been doing the pooja for many many years  and he has offered the prasad to God every day and the God has not eaten it ever . He thought the sweet was too good that the son could not avoid the temptation. So he wanted to see if the son was telling the truth or not . So he told him to do it again next day. The son agreed  and so he went to do the pooja next day. The father was hiding thinking that he will catch the son in act of eating the Prasad . But he witnessed something else. As the son closed the eyes had prayed the God to have it the prasad - the food disappeared . The father realized that the DEVOTION of the son was much more intense  and HE the son believed that when we offer the Prasad to the God , HE WILL EAT IT . and the God had no choice .
    If we offer with faith HE WILL RESPOND . If we offer thinking it is only for us , HE is not interested in eating it  

Sunday, February 9, 2020


    This is the new story from ancient Hindu scripture . This tells us something which has been told to us many times  and we still do not understand it or may be do not accept it or may be we just can't think in that way .

    This is the story of KACHMUNI. He was born from VED VYAS .Vyas is the same Vyas is one of the very old sages . He was devoted , learned  and also had reached the heights of meditation . When his wife was pregnant, the child was not ready to come out after usual 10 months of pregnancy. He stayed in foe several years  and then the sage Vyas had to request the child to come out as it was becoming very difficult for the mother to carry on pregnancy due to the growing child . This was the KACH MUNI. After his birth Ved Vyas taught him all the religious scriptures  and the whatever he knew  and then when he wanted more he told him to go to the King Janaka. (think about it . The sage is sending his son to  a king - who is involved in all sorts of bodily pleasures to teach his son on religion)
    So the Kachmuni started his journey to go to the king Janak. He had to go through the Forrest  and it was long way . His father decided to follow the son . In the small town as they were passing by there was a small lake  and  and there were ladies of the town who were swimming naked . As the Kach muni pass by they did not react and continued to swim  and did not cover them self . As the Vyas passed by they covered their naked bodies with clothes . This was noticed by the Kachmuni  and he thought to himself that the ladies knew that he had no desires  and they were safe , but they were not that sure of his father .
    He reached the Janaka kingdom  and then the palace  and he was stopped at the gates . He sent a message to King Jnaaka  that ,'I the Kachmuni , has come to see him 'the guard gave the message to the king  and the King Janaka send a message to Kachmuni ,'When you have given up everything , you can come in '. The Kachmuni sent a second message that ,'I the Kachmuni has given up everything .' the guard took the message to the king and the king send back the same message , 'when if you have given uo everything , you can come in .
Now the Kachmuni was surprised . He could not understand  and so he sent the same message  and he got the same reply. 
    And then it struck him . In each message he was saying I THE KACHMUNI - which meant that he was referring to the physical body as KACH MUNI   and that showed the attachment to the physical body or he was mistaken to refer I TO THE BODY OF KACHMUNI . The story continues  and when he realized the mistake he was allowed to meet the king and then the king did teach him . There is story of how he tested the new student  and that may be next time .