Saturday, December 8, 2018




     This is an interesting Sutra. It states that only those desires that are going to come to fruition, will arise Here we need to understand the concept of the Karma and impressions and the desires. Every tile we do an action there is an impression. So let us take an example . If I have never seen Pizza , and you bring in Pizza , I will not have any reaction after seeing it . But then you tell me that the Pizza has great taste, and so I eat it --I do an action . This action of eating Pizza will lead to an impression -either I like it or I dislike it . This impression will lead to future desires . When I am hungry in future , I will eat pizza if I have liked it and I will avoid it if I had disliked it. The act of eating Pizza again , will lead to impression and then then that will lead to more intense desire . We can see this with smoking or alcohol and many other addictions.
      We do many actions and we have many impressions and that leads to many desires . But we believe that there is reincarnation and so these impressions are stored in 'us'even after physical deaths.And we have many many lives and so we have a very large pot of desires and impressions. The do not die with death of physical body death. But when we are born again, we can not fulfill all the desires .So we come in different body , different social and economic and other conditions than what we might have had in last life. So we are born under those circumstances that will fulfill some desires , So WE select the family WHERE we can FULFILL those desires that are coming to surface .     So this Sutra tells us that those desires that are going to come to fruition will come to surface  and we act based on them , But this does not mean that other desires are gone.So when there is no attachment with the actions there will not be any lasting impression that leads to desire again . This happens in Yogi and in ordinary people we continue to act on desires that are coming to fruition. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018



                         FOR YOGIS  THE ACTION  HAS NO VIRTUE OR  VICE  ,

                                FOR  OTHERS , THEY  ARE  OF THREE  KINDS

       In last Sutra we were told that the CHITTA is not affected by the karmas as the Yogis do not have attachment with the Karma or the action . This is explained more in this Sutra. As I mentioned in last Sutra when an action is done, or there is thought behind it And that makes it good , bad or mixed . So let me give an example. I pray God . I want something for myself = money , power or something to make 'me' happy .In second case I pray God so my enemies should be defeated or something bad should happen to someone .In last case I pray God so I can get closure to the God . I do not want anything else which is material. So in each case I am doing same action , but I have different intention and so in each case the fruit of SAME ACTION is different - one can say that there is SATWIK , RAJASIK AND TAMASIC Gunas behind each DESIRE and so the effect or the Fruit is also SATWIK OR RAJASIK OR TAMASIK.And the effect and the FRUIT will be there . One can not refuse the effect or the fruit and so that we create the attachment . In case of desire for ill effects to others, the fruits that ONE GETS will be bad (KRUSHNA ) If the desire is good then the effect will  be good .(SHUKLA) and there may be mixed effects too .This Sutra states that these effects are not there for Yogi as there is no DESIRE. But for others there are 3 effects. I have mentioned them in above  

Saturday, December 1, 2018


                                             TATRA   DHYANAJAM  ANASHAYAM


     This Sutra is continuation of the last one .Sometimes Yogi can have day to day life and also can do certain things and an ordinary person will have 'impressions' when he does any action.So then the cycle of action - and reaction  will continue . In one of the past Sutra we were told that the Yogi does try to exhaust the impressions by
'acting out'. So there is fear that doing things will 'creat' the impressions and we will never be 'free' of the vasanas or the impressions as impressions create  the attachment  and that has to e exhausted before one can attain the Samadhi . But in this Sutra we are told that the CHITTA that has attained certain levels of Samadhi . we not be affected by the Karma or the actions .
     This leads one to look at question as to what is Action ?For the action to be action one has to have mental and physical action together and the thought before the action counts . So if I am walking and by mistake my foot hits some one . I have no intention of kicking him. This will have no impression .But I am agree and I kick someone , so there is bad thought and there is physical action behind the kicking. So there will be effect or reaction and the attachment with my action . Let us say someone has back pain and so I do massage with my feet . This action will have impression and it will be positive - against the one that was left when I kicked someone . But if I think that I am helping someone ,it will leave attachment and that has to be exhausted . So when one has any Action with thought - good or bad - it will lead to impression . But if I do not have any attachment to my action I will not have any reaction . So such a evolved CHITTA with detachment - even with action does not get the reaction or impressions . . So it is free of impressions even with actions .  .


Sunday, October 28, 2018




                                                 FUNCTIONS  OF THE MINDS

         Just like the last few Sutras , this one has different meanings . The simple meaning is that the which is obvious . When one meditates , the mind and the Chitta is same but the Minds are different . If we remember that in the Samadhipaad,  Sutra 2 , there was mention of controlling the various tendencies of the mind. So one may have Mind which is concentrating on one point or it may be thrown out, the CHITTA behind is same . So when there are changes in external things that one can see or the changes that happen in the things  that are not seen  are all SUSTAINED by the Chitta which does not change .   So one may be young and gets older the Chitta remains same . So the change in body does not change the CHITTA . But the mind and the intellect do change too . So when the Yogi does the meditation and the mind becomes single minded AT THAT TIME , the CHITTA behind that is same .
Once the meditation is over the mind is not single pointed , the Chitta behind that mind is still also same . So the CHITTA is same even though the MIND changes .

      The other meaning is that when YOGI produces the different bodies and it has different minds , the CHITTA that sustains them is still the same .

Saturday, October 6, 2018


                                      NIRMANA  CHITTANI  ASMITA  MATRAT


    Some of these Sutras have more than one meaning . The simple meaning is in continuation of the last Sutra. We have been talking about the changes in the person , So in the first Sutra we were told the various causes of the change and the powers that one can get . Then in the last Sutra we were told that the flow of the NATURE is always there and the Yogi removes the obstacles in the way of the flow . So the Flow of the Nature is helped by removing the obstacles and the Nature is not altered as such by the efforts of the Yogi . Now in this Sutra we are told that the the cosmic mind and ego are the source of the mind. So the source universe or the in the beginning the GOD splits in to 2 parts or there are two parts that are independent of each other.The SPIRIT and the NATURE, The spirit has no Qualities or GUNAS. The Nature has all the QUALITIES or GUNAS . When the two come together then the NATURE is transformed.The Cosmic Mind and the CHITTA etc all come out of the NATURE. . The the Universal Ego becomes Individual Ego and then it is confined to individual physical bodies. So when one transforms the mind - chitta , we realize that the WHOLE thing started with ORIGINAL transformation from the ORIGINAL Nature .

       The other meaning which is little mystical. The evolved Yogi can CREATE multiple CHITTAS and physical bodies , but they all come from the change in Nature . So the Yogi has ability to have these different bodies and different Chittas to enjoy or exhaust the varies vasanas .

So it is possible that the PATANJALI ids talking about the changes in ONE MIND -ONE CHITTA - AND ONE BODY that happens in ONE person . or he is talking about the POWER or the Sidhhi that YOGI gets , with which he can create many bodies and with that mind and ego etc .
  These different meanings will continue in next Sutras too. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018


                                  NIMITYAM  APRAYOJAKAM  PRAKRUTINAM

                                  VARANBHEDASTU  TATAH  KSHETRIKAWAT



       This Sutra is explaining as to how the meditation works. The comparison is done with farmer who is trying to have a great crop. The crop needs water. The crop needs nutrition etc . So the farmer creates channels or removes the obstacles to the water which is at higher level , and the by the law of nature the water flows from higher level to lower level where it is needed .

        The same thing happens when unwanted weeds which are competing for the nutrition are removed , The crop gets the water and the nutrition without having to compete with weeds . Then the nature does it's job and the plant grows . So the Farmer does not 'GROW' the plant . He simply removes the obstacles to it's growth. The same thing happens . The medicinal herbs or the meditation and the Yama and the Niyama that are discussed before , remove the obstacle that are blocking the true nature of the soul .Once the obstacles are removed the true nature shines .Our tendencies are due to past Karmas .These Karmic impressions are the obstacles . So we have greed , lust , ignorance etc . When one removes them then the soul becomes free spirit .(physical body oriented , limited , confined soul is the Spirit). So the SPIRIT does not have limitation , but the soul has limitations of the body as it feels that it is body and does not realize the true free nature. 
                   So our job is to get rid of the obstacles and the we will be free!

Saturday, September 8, 2018


                                 JATYANTAR  PARINAMAH  PRAKRUTYAPURAT 


       This Sutra is interesting and may have more than one meaning. When one talks about the CLASS or JATI -one could be talking about the various different Human beings -man and women , cunning and nice and rich and poor etc But one could also talk about different species .It is stated that there are 8400000 different species in this world. So as per our thought process , there is transition from one species to other in different life So the question is how and why the change occurs ?Why does a aquatic animal becomes reptile or changes to a bird or even Human being . Even in Human beings, infant becomes child and then changes to young adult to old . What is the cause of this change -which does not need any effort on part of human.The answer is NATURE or PRAKRUTI .

      So the changes that happen are Natural and are due to flow of time and sometimes the changes are so slow that we may not notice it . But the JIVA changes from one species to other is due to nature .The classes other than human being are called for BHOGA or work on the basis of instinct and enjoyment -EAT-SLEEP-PROCREATE - life style . Each species has some special quality and when the JIVA is done enjoying it or has progressed  he changes the species in next life . This is due to NATURE .THAT IS THE WAY IT HAPPENS -THAT IS THE LAW OF NATURE .
    Now the specific changes that happen in Human beings are related to progression of the mind-chitta - intellect . We know of the time when we have seen cunning crooked man becomes religious or helpful and unselfish. We have known about the VALMIKI who was a robber and then became the Rhushi Valmiki . This is due to progress of the mind and chitta and not that of physical body . The change is due to Nature as the CHITTA AND THE MIND AND THE INTELLECT all are part of nature . But it needs efforts. In nonhuman race the change is natural and does not need any specific effort on part of the animal . The change that happens with 'aging' in human being is also effortless , but the change in CHITTA and mind needs efforts on part of human being .