Sunday, January 10, 2021


      Many of us who are Indians in origin have heard the stories from Mahabharata. This is the largest poetry and in India couple of serials have been made from this epic .I have heard that when the first one came out and was shown on TV, there was n traffic on roads as EVERYONE was watching it even in big cities. The story has many characters  and the stories of these characters are colorful. One of the characters is DRONACHARYA. He was the teacher appointed to teach Pandava and Kaurava . Theses were the children of KURU DYNASTY . The Pandavas were 5 and Kauravas were 100 . 

    The story that I want to tell today has to do with DRONACHARYA . The name was derived from his birth. He was born in a DRONA , which is a small bowl made of dry leaves .The sperms were dropped in the drona  and he was born from those sperms. This really does not make much sense . He was teacher to Pandava  and Kaurava prince , but he was still not very rich. His son ASTHVATTHAMA  was immortal We all accepted these things as a matter of fact ,but never gave any thought to any of theses absurd looking things . Then there is a story that in which Dronacharya goes to a king Drupada, who was his childhood friend and asks for help and the Drpada declines . So then Dronacharya withe help of Pandava, defeats Drupada  and then gives him back 'southerner half of the kingdom' . The king Drupada does a Yadnya and gets a son named DRUSTADYUMNA . He kills the Dronacharya in the war. So this is good as a story, but does not make much sense. So the symbolism in this story is that the Dronacharya represents the Saunskara or the effects of out previous Karmas. Since we continue to do Karma in every life and the karma have effects , we will never be without the effects . So the SON of Drna - effects of our karma - ASTVATTHAMA is immortal. The origin of Drona is with karma that we add to the POT or the Drona.  and so Dronacharya was born in drona.The fact that our previous karma and their effects GUIDE US in out future actions. So Drona is teaching both sets of prince Pandavas  and Kauravas - good and bad. When one tries to shun the effects of our karma , he is not successful in first attempt and the effects of Karma will defeat us  and so the DRONACHARYA defeats the DRUPADA who shuns him . But the effects of our efforts to get away from karma that have effects  are never wasted . So the mastery over LOWER CENTERS is there but the mastery over HIGHER centers is lost . So Drupada gets back control of SOUTHERN part of the kingdom (lower half of our body that has lower centers ) and we have to work on getting control over higher centers . When we are successful in doing that , we ill KILL the effects of our KARMA , so the son of DRUPADA kills DRONACHARYA. 

  The moral of this to me other than symbolism is that we may not be successful at first attempt, but the effects of our study will never be lost. 

Friday, January 1, 2021


    In life we all make decisions and we make decisions based on our experience. But sometimes we need to take each situation in right way and then make decision. When we treat every situation is the same way then we can get in trouble. So as much as previous experience does help we have to  judge each situation in it's own way. This is especially true when we try to cheat. 

    That bring me to today's story. There was man who used to carry stuff from one place to other . So he would load it on his donkey from a shop and then take it to another place where that was sold or was needed to be delivered . The amount was not huge but was not something that he could carry it on own without loading it on donkey. One day he was carrying a load of salt  and he loaded it on the donkey and covered it  and was walking to place of delivery .It was rainy season and rains had flooded the small road with water . It was not bad but in those days there were not concreate or tar road  and the water had stagnated .The path was somewhat difficult but not impossible. So as the man was walking along with the donkey the donkey slipped  and fell in knee high water . By the time the man could help the donkey to stand the water had gone in to the salt  and the salt had dissolved in the water . The donkey realized that the weight was much less . The man was frustrated  and could not do much . There was a loss and he could not do much  and he did  not find any fault with the donkey as it was just a bad luck . The next time he was carrying salt again  and as the donkey went though the small collection of the water , the donkey again went down . The man realized that this time it was not an accident and so he decided to teach the donkey. The donkey had realized that the water reduces the load  and it was going to play the trick again  He was carrying cotton this time . As they approached the water the donkey pretended to fall  and went down in the water .This time the cotton that it was carrying got soaked in the water  and became heavy  and donkey had to carry it it all the way. 

   So when one tries to cheat then it may not work all the times.

(This is a story  and one can not conclude that the man lost the cotton or what happened to the loss of salt etc.)

Sunday, December 20, 2020


    We often get frustrated in life when we see good people getting bad luck and bad people getting away with no punishment. I have seen this on number of occasions in this country in last few years  in Washington DC. So one wonders if there is justice or not . But we all react to the bad  behavior in the same way . Only saints can react to bad action by good action. This is one of the stories from animal world. In PANCHANTRA there are stories of animals  and the animals talk . But the behavior is similar in human beings.

   There was a forest and a fox  and a stork became friend . The fox was cunning  and stork was honest and believed that the friendship could be real. One day the fox invited the stork for a dinner . The fox had a prepared a milk product where sugar and other spices are added  and he served it at the time of a dinner. But he was cunning and so he served the milk in a flat plate . The for could drink it from the plate as he does it with tongue. But the stork who has a long thin beak, could not get a drop of this delicious milk. So the stork went home hungry and starved.Then next week he invited the fox for the dinner . This time he served the milk -same type with added sugar and some spices  and it was delicious. But he served it in a jug with long narrow neck. So this time for could not get a drop of milk but the stork could drink it with his long beak like a straw. The fox had to go home hungry and starving. 

    This is tit for tat or what goes around comes around.

Saturday, December 12, 2020


    We often see that wise men or intellectuals often disagree with each other. Each one believes that he has a truth and the other person is wrong .But the truth is one and one only  and at times there is no truth. Einstein stated that the time is relative  and the truth for the guy standing on platform watching what is happening in the ongoing train is different than the man on the train watching the same thing . So both believe that they are right and their observation is different. So there may be no truth as such according to Einstein. Recently in election each side believes that their candidate won. In this case there is truth  and one can find it out. So I am talking about that kind of situation. 

  This story happened on a train . There were 4 people traveling on a train. An older lady ,a young girl and 2 young men . When the train was going through the tunnel, the lights went off . There was a sound of kissing followed by slapping . So the old lady thought that one of the young men kissed the young girl and she slapped . That is her truth. The young lady thought that these young men are stupid and one of them kissed the old lady while I am here . That was her truth. One of the young men thought that that the other one kissed the girl and she slapped ME. That was the his truth. But in reality the last person - the young man - had kissed his own palm  and slapped the other man. So each one of these person belived that they had the truth and only one truth existed  and only one person knew it. 

   In life sometimes we have to see things through other person's eyes or may be brain . We have color vision but the dog does not have it and everything is black and white . The dog can perceive sound of frequency that human ear is unable to and so it hears the sound that we can not . So JUST BECAUSE WE CAN'T SEE OR HEAR DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT TRUE.

Saturday, December 5, 2020


     We often have questions in life  and we ask people what would they do  and then there are conflicting answers .Now a days if we do google search we will get some answers  and that may not be the same . So this short story is related to that. 

    The story is from India but could be happening anywhere . In a small town there lived a man  and his family . They wanted to to distant bigger town to do some business  buy and sale things . So the man and his son started walking to attend the  market. They had their donkey with them to carry some of the stuffs' they started they were walking along the side of the donkey. They saw a town 'wise man'. As he approached  and saw them walking he stopped  and told them that they were stupid not to ride on the donkey  and suggested that one of you can get on the donkey . So the father mounted on the donkey. The sun was rising in the sky  and temperature was increasing and they saw a lady who was mother. She stopped  and told the father 'Are you not ashamed of asking this poor small child to walk in this summer heat and you- an adult riding on the donkey?' So the father got down  and the son mounted the donkey and started riding . After a short time they saw older man  and he stopped by  and stated 'how come poor father is walking and a young man -the son is riding ?" So now the father and son did not know what to do. They decided that they both can ride the donkey. As they started walking they saw a priest . He stopped them and made a comment that they will go to hell as they have not cared for the animal  and are riding on him both at the same time . So now they decides to carry the donkey by lifting it on their shoulders  and the donkey started kicking  and now they were approaching a small bridge . The donkey was kicking and they were forcing it be carried  and in that confusion the donkey fell in the water.

    So the moral of the story is 'listen to all the advice  and they do what YOU think is right . 

Saturday, November 28, 2020


    We often talk about the Faith  and we have seen examples of this in life though most of us have GOD  as GOD of CONVINIENCE . So we offer something small like may be $5 and ask for combination of lottery numbers  or sometimes we are worse than that and offer things ONLY IF WE GET SUCCESS . e.g. If I get this job, I will do this POOJA .And then sometimes we ask God for simple things like God please let me get parking or get better sitting etc. But when we don't get what we want , we tend to blame GOD. Then there are others who have unconditional faith in GOD. So this is is short story of one such lady. 

   There was a small town in India  and there was a temple  and there was priest who was taking care of the temple . He used to do the daily worship and POOJA  and he was pious. There was a lady who used to bring mild for the Pooja daily . She used to live across the river  and used to bring in milk and offer to the God. One day there was a heavy rains  and so the lady told the priest that she could not bring in the milk as the river was flooded  and overflowing. The priest told her that she can still come -all that she has to do is do the chanting of the Lord's name  and water will not be a problem The water will recede with the name of the God . Next dat the priest was surprised when the lady showed up with milk. He asked her as to how she came  and she answered that she was chanting  and the water did recede  and so I could come. The lady offered the milk and left . The priest could not believe  and as soon as the lady left he went to the banks of river . He looked at the water which was overflowing  and he started chanting . He entered the water  and continued to chant  and as he went farther the water did not recede  and he feel in ths deeper water and had to struggle to swim and come back to the banks . 

  So what worked for the lady did not work for the priest as he did not have the FAITH in what he himself had told her  and she had FULL FAITH in the CHANTING  and so it worked.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


    All the Indians know the story of the Ravan from Ramayan..Many may have seen the TV serial from India. I have not seen it but I know it was there. Many know Rava but may not know about his parents. His father was a great sage named Vishrava . His father was also great sage Pulasty  and he was son of Brahma and one of the Saptarhushi. The Vishrava was married to Kaikeshi who was Rakshas family .The marriage between the sage and the rakshasa resulted in children ,one of which was Rava  and other were Kumbhkarna, BIBHISHAN , SHRPANKHA. . The Ravana was the main character in Rmaayan.

   Kumbhakarn was lazy and when he did penance, he asked to be in sleep all the time  and then Ravana asked it to be changed to 6 months awake and 6 months sleep - some say 1 day awake and sleep rest of the days of the year. The BHIBHISHANA was pious  and was on the side of the RAMA  nd advised Ravana not to fight with Rama . Shurpanakha was only sister . Kubera was the half brother of Ravana. 

   So here is the genetic explanation or the explanation based on 3 GUNAS. In Indian philosophy or theology we have 3 Gunas Sattvic, Rajasic  and Tamasic . We all have all 3 Gunas  and depending upon the proportion of the Gunas we have different nature  and behavior. So we have combination od SATWIC from the father who was sage  and Tamasic who was Rakshas. So pure Tamasic child was KUMBHAKARNBIBHISHAN was pure sattvic  and Ravana was combination of TAMASIC . RAJASIC  AND SATVIC .