Saturday, January 16, 2016


        In last blog we were told about the various parts of the YAMA or the things that one must DO . The first one was nonviolence . I am sure one can talk about this more as everyone will think of the situation under which Violence may be the ONLY OPTION to survive or for the GOOD OF society or Good people. I am sure that there is no one perfect solution which can be applied to , under all circumstances . But I hope we understand the principle rather than trying to argue to show when the violence is justified. So in this blog I am going to expand on other parts of the DOES.

     THE SECOND ONE is SATYA  or telling the truth. We all know how important it is to tell the truth. But in practice one can not follow them . I remember a story, which many may know . There was a devotee who had gone to forest to meditate , so he has no distractions. As he was meditating , he saw a man running . The man stop to talk to him and told him that some killers were after him and he was running away from them to escape . He further requested this devotee , not to tell the killers /thieves as to which direction he fled . The man disappeared and soon the killers came there with the daggers in hand , searching for the man . They asked the meditating guy if he had seen the fleeing man and if so which direction he went . The devotee had decided to not lie . So he pointed them to the direction the man had fled . The killers caught the man and killed him . By chance the devotee also dies soon and went to the heaven He was expecting to go to heaven or get eternity and was surprised to know that he was needed to have more births . He was told that he did not understand the principle of the YAMA , tell the truth. By telling the truth he ended helping bad guys and good man was killed . So as one can see that telling truth under certain circumstances is not Good . So one has to have a discriminating ability and not follow blindly. The principle that we are told in scriptures , states as follows. Tell the truth if it is sweet and likable , do not tell or talk if truth is not sweet or is not likable , do not tell a lie even if it is sweet and likable, So one has to find a middle ground. But the middle ground is not to be selected bases on what benefits you. It must be based on benefits. If a father or mother will not tell the truth about drugs , smoking , alcohol or any other bad habits to their children, they are not doing their duty. But one does not have to tell some acquaintance about excessive drinking unless asked for.   .