Sunday, August 27, 2017




     These Sutras are to be taken together . The Sutra is taking us to the powers or the SIDHIS that one attains when he has practiced the meditation perfectly. So the concept in Raj Yoga is the the nature is the basic stuff and it manifests as different things due to the modification of the basic stuff. In the Sutra 13 we were told that there are three kind which cause the change,namely the Dharma , Lakshan and the Awastha. So the change that happens is related to basic characters , time and the apparent state . So the seed becomes plant or tree and has leaves and the flowers and the fruits . All these things LOOK very different from one another , but they all came from the seed . But the seed changes in to a small plant , due to soil and water and the heat acting on it . The plant has flowers and the flowers turn in to fruits only with effects of cross pollination. But the basic seed has to have all these qualities in it . We can not grow a mango tree from a seed of tomato . Nor could we get a plant or tree out of a leaf. We know this . But there will be things in this world ,where by looking at it we can not know the nature and what caused the change  and what change would occur in them with time .
       When one has perfected the meditation , at a certain level of progress , he or she would get powers to this -the nature , the cause of the change and so on.

Thursday, August 3, 2017



                          DHARMI  IS  BASIS FOR THE PAST , PRESENT  AND FUTURE
                                           DHARMA -PROPERTIES OR CHARACTER

           In this Sutra the word dharma is not used for religion . The Dharma is the property or the characters of the object . So when we say  why does  the wood float in water and the iron sink in water, we answer that it is the DHARMA or the character of the wood and the iron. When we talk about the snake stinging , we talk about the DHARMA of the snake being to sting. So in this Sutra we are told that DHARMA is the basis for anything that happens to object in past , present or future.
         So the MILK is the DHARMI of the yogurt and the Gold is the DHARMI of the golden bracelet and the Water is the DHARMI of the ice. So what we see has to be present in the DHARMI. So the past DHARMA changes to PRESENT DHARMA and then the present DHARMA becomes past and changes in to FUTURE dharma . The seed becomes plant and then there are flowers and then the fruits . The characters of the seed are different than the plant and they are different than the flowers or the fruits . So we can not see the character of the fruits or the flowers when we look at seed. But the character can not appear out of no where . So they must be there in the seed and then they appear with ideal time and circumstances. One which has disappeared is SHANT DHARMA , the one which is current is the UDIT DHARMA and the one that Will happen in the future is the ANUPATTI DHARMA .

         So what we are told is that the change occurs in DHARMI with time and the ORIGINAL thing remains same . The DHARMI does not change The change only deceptive . So we may see a table made out of wood , which came from the tree , which came from the seed and so on . But once we know the DHARMI we will know the changes and the in next couple of SUTRAS , we will be told about the SIDHHI or the power that are achieved with the SAMADHI or the concentration that we can do on any object . So if one looks at the Gold chain , he will not only know the chain , but will also know the gold that it came from and the other things that has happened or the changes that has happened in between .