Saturday, December 26, 2015






       In the previous Sutra we were told that there are eight different parts to the YOGA . (Yoga means Union -and here we are talking about the union with the GOD ) So now in this Sutra we are told the various aspects or the parts that one has to follow as part of YAMA- the first one of the eight parts . YAMA pertains to the individual behavior. These are easy to understand , but difficult to follow . I am not saying impossible to follow . One could follow them for most of the time , but difficult to do them all the time.
      The first one of them is AHINSA or the non violence . Everybody knows the violence . But in this one we are suppose to not hurt anybody with our body - physically , mentally,and by speech . (So called KAYA - BODY OR PHYSICALLY , MANA-MENTALLY AND WACHA  OR SPEECH )
So one should not hurt any body physically. The physical hurting could be direct or indirect . So people like Mafia DON -may not be directly hurting someone , but by having some one bit up another person , is as bad as directly beating . In fact in my mind it is worst as you are promoting a another human being in causing the violence . This is similar to those who say that we don't kill animals , but the butcher kills them . We just eat what has been already killed by some one . So the one that kills , one who sells , the one who buyes , the one that cooks and one that consumes or eats --all are doing violence .
      Here the question may arise as to if one does the killing as part of job. The answer is if one does anything that is required as the part of the DUTY , then it is not a sin . But certainly one can not uplift under ordinary circumstances if he or she is doing any kind of violence . So mentally hurting some one or by speech , both of these are bad . and when one does it all the time , then he can not concentrate on the union with God as the thought of hurting some one physically or mentally or by speech will interfere with the concentration
     The question arise as to what one should do if there are roaches or snakes or other poisonous creatures. So when one starts having some success in TOGA , then he will try to avoid the situation under which he has to kill . So the best way would be to create conditions under which one will not have roaches . If the snakes are not poisonous , then let them go or catch them drop them in deep forest etc . The goal is to avoid as much as possible to avoid hurting any one with our physical , mental or speech activity. .