Sunday, February 12, 2017

SADHANA PAD --49,50,51



                                                                       PRANAYAM --49



                          POORAK  AND HOLDING  IT  INSIDE  IS KUMBHAK- 50



                                                            OR  EXHALATION- 51

  In the next 3 Sutras we are told about the breathing techniques and what happens when on gets perfection in the control of the breathing. So when one is comfortable with the pasture or sitting position or the Aasan, then one has to practice the breathing techniques. In the standard practice of the Pranayam, one breaths IN with thumb closing the right nostril and the breath is taken in with let nostril. The inhalation is through left nostril with right nostril closed with thumb. The exhalation is done through right nostril with left one being closed with two fingers. One has to remember that just breathing in and out is not true Pranayam , but it is just the beginning.The holding of the breath after taking in the breath is called KUMBHAK. It is said that the ratio of inhalation to exhalation should be 1 to 2 And the holding of the breath should be four times that of inhalation. So if one counts numbers to know the timing, four counts in , sixteen count holding in and eight counts exhalation.
     My suggestion is little different. If one attempts to do the breathing in this ratio, then one might get sore throat. So practice as YOU can tolerate. Some people will say that the holding of the breath is to be kept at minimal unless one has guidance from Guru or teacher.There is another KUMBHAK or holding of breath.This is much easier.When one exhales and the exhalation is complete ,before one starts the inhalation , there is holding of the breath.This is also KUMBHAK and is called BAHYA KUMBHAK .
     The breathing techniques and the control is important as when we get excited, out breathing rate goes up . So to make mind calmer one can control the rate of breathing. This also will allow the mind to concentrate better.Once we have the control over the breath,then our breathing rate will go down. So when it is stated in Sutra 50 that when one practises these breathing control techniques, in relation to place DESH, time -KALA, and number-SANKHYA, then it becomes perfect. So one needs to be in position to be able to do it at ANY PLACE ,ANY TIME and without COUNTING the phases of inhalation or holding and exhalation, then he has perfected it. In the early part of the practice one will need quieter place , certain time only and one will have to count the numbers to know that he is is having correct duration of the inhalation and holding and exhalation . But with prolonged practice this process is so automatic that one will be in position to do it at any place ,any time and without having to pay attention to duration.
     But BREATH IS NOT PRANA .BUT BREATH IS ONLY EFFECT OF PRANA. So the prana is -may be the energy that flows through our body and breath is effect of the Prana . So in ordinary person BREATH is needed for PRANA, or at least that is how we believe it and so in effect that is how it is . But with the practice of the PRANAYAM , or control of the breathing, one will not need the same amount of BREATHS to maintain PRANA SHAKTI. So when the Pranayam is perfected the breathing rate goes down and down to a point of not needing the breath at all. SO THIS IS THE FOURTH PRANA.We have heard or YOGIS that have stopped their breathing and heart at will. This is the same achievement that occurs with practice and control over breath.