Saturday, October 6, 2018


                                      NIRMANA  CHITTANI  ASMITA  MATRAT


    Some of these Sutras have more than one meaning . The simple meaning is in continuation of the last Sutra. We have been talking about the changes in the person , So in the first Sutra we were told the various causes of the change and the powers that one can get . Then in the last Sutra we were told that the flow of the NATURE is always there and the Yogi removes the obstacles in the way of the flow . So the Flow of the Nature is helped by removing the obstacles and the Nature is not altered as such by the efforts of the Yogi . Now in this Sutra we are told that the the cosmic mind and ego are the source of the mind. So the source universe or the in the beginning the GOD splits in to 2 parts or there are two parts that are independent of each other.The SPIRIT and the NATURE, The spirit has no Qualities or GUNAS. The Nature has all the QUALITIES or GUNAS . When the two come together then the NATURE is transformed.The Cosmic Mind and the CHITTA etc all come out of the NATURE. . The the Universal Ego becomes Individual Ego and then it is confined to individual physical bodies. So when one transforms the mind - chitta , we realize that the WHOLE thing started with ORIGINAL transformation from the ORIGINAL Nature .

       The other meaning which is little mystical. The evolved Yogi can CREATE multiple CHITTAS and physical bodies , but they all come from the change in Nature . So the Yogi has ability to have these different bodies and different Chittas to enjoy or exhaust the varies vasanas .

So it is possible that the PATANJALI ids talking about the changes in ONE MIND -ONE CHITTA - AND ONE BODY that happens in ONE person . or he is talking about the POWER or the Sidhhi that YOGI gets , with which he can create many bodies and with that mind and ego etc .
  These different meanings will continue in next Sutras too. 

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