Saturday, September 8, 2018


                                 JATYANTAR  PARINAMAH  PRAKRUTYAPURAT 


       This Sutra is interesting and may have more than one meaning. When one talks about the CLASS or JATI -one could be talking about the various different Human beings -man and women , cunning and nice and rich and poor etc But one could also talk about different species .It is stated that there are 8400000 different species in this world. So as per our thought process , there is transition from one species to other in different life So the question is how and why the change occurs ?Why does a aquatic animal becomes reptile or changes to a bird or even Human being . Even in Human beings, infant becomes child and then changes to young adult to old . What is the cause of this change -which does not need any effort on part of human.The answer is NATURE or PRAKRUTI .

      So the changes that happen are Natural and are due to flow of time and sometimes the changes are so slow that we may not notice it . But the JIVA changes from one species to other is due to nature .The classes other than human being are called for BHOGA or work on the basis of instinct and enjoyment -EAT-SLEEP-PROCREATE - life style . Each species has some special quality and when the JIVA is done enjoying it or has progressed  he changes the species in next life . This is due to NATURE .THAT IS THE WAY IT HAPPENS -THAT IS THE LAW OF NATURE .
    Now the specific changes that happen in Human beings are related to progression of the mind-chitta - intellect . We know of the time when we have seen cunning crooked man becomes religious or helpful and unselfish. We have known about the VALMIKI who was a robber and then became the Rhushi Valmiki . This is due to progress of the mind and chitta and not that of physical body . The change is due to Nature as the CHITTA AND THE MIND AND THE INTELLECT all are part of nature . But it needs efforts. In nonhuman race the change is natural and does not need any specific effort on part of the animal . The change that happens with 'aging' in human being is also effortless , but the change in CHITTA and mind needs efforts on part of human being . 

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