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        In this Sutra there is mention of unit of Time . We call it KSHANA. OR MOMENT . .This moment was preceded by another Moment and then next one will follow . So there is series of moments  and the Flow of Time continues. There is no beginning or end to it. So the time is made up of many moments. Like anything in this world is made of atomic and subatomic particles - time is made of smallest possible units , called KSHANA. In quantum theory , the smallest unit of time is Planck time .   
       The time that a photon will take to travel Plank distance . In Hindu religion , we have gradually increasing units of time as followes-KSHANA, followed by PAL , followed by GHATIKA,then AHORATRA then PAKSHA, MAS ,RHUTU, FOLLOWED  by AYAN, SAUWATSAR,YUGA AND MANWANTAR AND THEN KALPA.How is KSHANA determined or measured? In VYASBHASHY it is mentioned that the time that it takes for subatomic particle to go from 'previous 'position to 'next position ' is called KSHANA. So even at that time the idea of atom and subatomic particles was  there and it was 'known' that the subatomic particles are in motion and not still . That is why the THINGS always CHANGE . So the change is all the time happening .
       The second part of the change is to know in detail as to what happens to 'things' when we can not 'observe' any change superficially. The food that we eat has 3 parts , one with Tamasic Guna , becomes -gets excreted , then part of the food that has Rajasic Guna becomes Flesh , and the Satwic part of the food becomes the Mind . So when we eat  predominantly Satwic food , our mind is calk , when we eat predominantly Rajasic food we are full of energy and action and the Tamasic predominant food leads to laziness . The water that we drink also is similar in effect . Tamasic part becomes urine and  the Rajasic part becomes blood and the Satwic part becomes PRAN , This is the Knowledge that can not be achieved by GROSS observation . Simple example may be how a child understands steps in a stair case and how an adult knows them . The child does not know exactly how many steps are there or that they are they are narrow or not . The adult knows as to the number of steps and the nature . When we have done the concentration on the 'CHANGE IN THING FROM ONE MOMENT OR KSHANA TO OTHER MOMENT OR KSHANA 'we can Know it .Since this Knowledge is at the level of CHITTA , which is different that the SPIRIT or Purusha-this is different than the PURUSHKHYATI that was described in Sutra 49.

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