Sunday, July 25, 2021


    We often  say that 'it was in his luck 'or it was not in his luck. The Hindi concept is that of Karma  and their effects on our 'current ' life as we believe in reincarnation. So to just look at that in nut shell, we ACT and that creates Karma  and the effects are stored . We are born with some of the SEEDS OF Karma that is going to materialize or come to fruition. We can make efforts to neutralize the effects  and some times we are successful and sometimes we are not . So we have to make efforts to improve our condition. So this is that kind of a story. Some of theses stories are old Indian stories but the points that they make are good. 

    In a town there lived 2 friend ,one was a musician and one was learned Brahmin. The Brahmin or the educated man in religion had accepted that he was not going to be rich . He would teach the kids to be good and educate them on Hinduism and also the rituals and scriptures . He never got lot of money , but he was happy. The musicians was very good in music but did not get money. So he suggested the friend the brahmin, that we should go the king and present out talent  and se if he would reward them with some money . The Brahmin answered that the money is luck and king can not change it . Only God can change it .But he did agree to go to king . They went to king and told them that they have talent and wanted the king to see what they can do . The brahmin told king that he believed that making money is not in hands of king but is in hands of Lord  and luck . The king listened to their argument and gave brahmin, rice and lentils  and the musician a pumpkin. He told them to make a dinner  and come in the morning . He told them to stay in 2 different rooms. The musician was unhappy as he got pumpkin and he can only make vegetable out of it and the brahmin can make rice and soup (Dal)  and so they decided to exchange the gifts. The musician made rice and Dal and was very happy . The brahmin went to his room and cut open the pumpkin and there was gold put in by the king. He called his friend and gave him the half pumpkin. The next day they went to the king again.

     The king asked them as to what do they believe now -as he had given gold to the musician who had said that the King will help them . The brahmin gave king the half pumpkin. The King was surprised that the brahmin had the pumpkin and not the musician. So the brahmin explained the whole  story as to how the pumpkin that was given by king to musician was given to brahmin by the musician in exchange for rice and Dal. Brahmin then said that only Lord and luck can bring in money  and not even King can change that, The King had to agree. 

    I feel that we are born with certain Karma that are going to come to fruition  and some we can change and some we can not . How much effort we put in to change , how much time we spent to do that  and if we have understanding of the problem will determine the outcome. If there is a yellow wall and I want to paint it to blue, if I have only small amount of paint or little time or not enough desire or effort to paint it it will stay yellow only or with some efforts it may change to green and not blue that i wanted . 

      So we must continue to do the efforts  and leave the destiny to Lord and our past Karmas. 

Saturday, July 10, 2021


    Most of the Indians or Hindu have heard the story of Shabari. How she offered Lord Ram the berries that she had tasted to make sur that they were sweet etc. is well known story. But I want to tell you the story or part of the story that many may not know. Shabari was a queen in her previous life .She had all the so called things that give us physical pleasures. But she was not interested in it and she was devoted to the worshiping of the God. So she could not enjoy the pleasures that most of us work through out our life and get unhappy when we can not get them an envoy those who have it. She ended her life with hope that she will be born in such a position that she can worship God. With her karmas she was born as a princes in a Bhilha community and as expected she had all the physical pleasures  and had more freedom to worship the God. So she used to go to Rhushi called Matang. In spite of this she still was a princes  and so as expected her marriage was fixed. She was not much interested or concerned. But on the day before the wedding, she heard the sound of sheep as they were slaughtered for the dinner next day. She asked her mother as what was happening  and the mother told her that for the celebration of the wedding they were killed to prepare the dinner. She could not take it and she told her that she did not want it and she wanted to go to Matang the Rhushi that she had gone before  and threated that if this was not done the great Rhushi  would put a great curse .So the father and the mother - the king and queen agreed and she decided to go there . She ran away on the same night. 

    In the hermitage or the ashram, she continued to worship God . Then when she heard that Lord Ram was going to come to the ashram, she decided to offer him berries . These were collected by herself  and washed. But then she got worried that if all of them were sweet or not as some of them may be sour. So she tasted each one  and made sure that only sweet berries were offered. Certainly ordinary person would not like to eat berries that were tasted by someone else. But Ram knew the devotion and the thought behind and the real desire to do offer only good ones. So he ate them .

(What I wanted to tell is that Law of Karma works  and with her good actions  and desires , she was reborn as princes  and could see , meet great saint )

Sunday, June 6, 2021


   I have written this story in my blog on Kathopnishad. But it is worth repeating it.This is old story and repeated by Swamy Sarvapriyanand . There were 10 friends who were travelling  and had to swim across a small river . As they reached the other side of the river, one of them wanted to be sure that all have come across and no one drowned. So he decided to count. He counted everyone but forgot to count himself. He counted 9 and so he was worried that one of them was missing and must have drowned . So the other friend said ,you must have made a mistake  and so he decided to count  and he did the same and did not count himself. So now everyone was convinced that one of the friends surely dies from drowning and they all started crying. There was a passer by and he was watching . He came to them and asked as to why they were crying. they told him that we were 10 friends when we decided to swim across the river  and now we are only 9 and that means one has drowned. The passer by told them to count again. When the person recounts all and came to 9 the passer by turned his finger inwards towards the one who was counting and said 10.Now they all were happy that on one had drowned.

    This may sound like very simple story and the mistake that was done in counting may not be common . But the real lesson of the story is that when there is ignorance we are sad and when the ignorance is removed, we are happy.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


   This is a story related to our prayers to God . In Hindu prayer -we say सर्वे सुखिनः भवन्तु ,सर्वे भद्रानी पश्यन्ति ---Let all be happy and let all see good things  etc . But most of the times when we go to temple , we pray(?) ask for something for ourselves or our family. Some one had commented that when certain devotee (?) walks in the temple the God must be saying ' The headache walked in - he has list of demands' We offer a dollar and ask for million dollar lottery. This is not devotion. And then when we have a success in what we ask for then we say God answered our prayers. This story is related to that thought process.

  In a office there was a holiday party. All the employees were together and they had done a novel idea . Everyone will contribute $10 and at the end of the part only one person will get it . Everyone was suppose to put in his or her name in a basket  and then the owner will pick randomly one name and he or she will get the money. There was a man who knew of a house keeping lady who needed money as her son was sick and she did not have lot of money. So this man decided to put her name in the basket rather than putting in his own name. He was praying the God for entire duration of the part that her name - that he had written - will be picked up. At last the moment came and the owner picked the name  and as he opened the folded paper, this man was prying God for the housekeeper's name to be picked up. The owner announced  and sure enough the housekeeper's name was picked up. The house keeper went to the stage  and accepted the money and told everyone how she needed the money as her son was sick . The man thanked the God for answering the prayers. Then the part was continued . He went to the basket and just out of curiosity picked another folded entry  and opened it and to his surprise that also had house keeper's name  and so he opened another and same name  and so on. He realized that everyone knew of the problem that she had  and how she needed money more than anyone else  and so everyone had written her name instead of their own name. 

   So God answered prayers or was it that everyone did what they should have done any way? One has to realise that God can not do material things without we human being doing our own job or duty.

Sunday, May 23, 2021


     I had written the story of Namdeo who insisted that the God would accept the food that was offered to him by the devotee and the God also does eat it too. The devotion is one of the ways to achieve the God or his love. And we do the devotional part as far as we know. But is there real devotion or UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER?Think about the food that we offer to God.Do we ever offer food that we DO NOT LIKE ?We offer things that we like  and we EXPECT that the God will not eat it  and then we will eat it as Prasad. So this story is very well-known story.But I think it is worth repeating it. 

    There was a princes named Shbari . She was devoted God and she did not want to be involved with the day to day life of family man or woman and so she did not want to be married . She was not interested in usual life and so the King left her in a ashram Hermitage of a rhushi. She would do the day to day duty of the ashram and was engage in worshiping of the God.Years passed  and then the news came that Lord Ram was going to pass by her place or the ashram. She knew that the Ram is the God  and she wanted to offer him the food. So on the day that the Ram was to arrive she plucked some wild berry  and washed them and decided that she will offer him the berries . But then the thought crossed her mind -what if if the berries are not sweet and are sour. She decided to taste each one . So she takes a bite of each of the berry that she was going to offer the Lord Ram. She made sure that all of them were sweet. The Lord Ram comes in and many offer him food  and so does Shabari.The people who were there looked at the berries and realize that they were partly eaten. They questioned as to how can you offer such partly eaten food to Lord Ram?But Ram was not concerned .He knew the devotion and the thought that was there behind the tasting of the berry  and so he ate them with pleasure. So the thought and love is more important than the food itself or the quantity. So he had no problem with eating the already tasted berries.

Saturday, May 15, 2021


    We often talk about the ten commandments. In most of the religions of the world. Telling truth is considered good thing. There are situations when we twist the truth. I think money-sex and power are the main problem in this world. So this story is about telling truth. Certainly people who are rich tend to twist truth more often than those who are poor.

  There was this wood cutter in a small town in India. He used to go to jungle  and chop some wood and then carry it to city and sale it  and make some money. He was happy with what he had  and never was envious of someone who was rich. He was satisfied with his own life. One day he went to jungle and saw a branch of a tree that was on the banks of a lake . He decided  to chop the wood . He was doing it and then the ax slipped off his hand  and fell in the lake . The water was deep enough and he could not have gotten it. He was upset as without the ax he could not chop the wood and without the wood chopping he could not make money to feed his family. he sat on the banks of the lake started crying and praying the God to help him . The God decided to respond to his prayers and there appeared an angel from the lake and he asked him as to what was the problem. He told him as to how he lost the ax and how he will starve .The Angel went back in the waters and brought out an ax which was made of gold and asked the wood cutter if that was his ax, The woodcutter answered no my ax was not made of gold . So he went back in the waters and brought out silver ax and the wood cutter again told him that that was not his ax . So the Angel went back and this time brought his old ax . The wood cutter was very happy and said that that is my ax  and thanked him . The angel was pleased that the woodcutter was not greedy and lied to get gold or silver ax  and so he gave him all 3 axes . The woodcutter was happy  and went home .

    The moral of the story is one should not lie  and tell truth even if that means we are not getting money or valuable things 

Sunday, April 18, 2021


    We often say that what goes around , comes around.I have talked on Laws of Karma  and every action has a reaction. So if we do good deed, than we will have good response.So we all know that we should do good deed. This story is old one from India . Again one has to take stories of these kind in it's moral value and not see if it is possible. 

  In a small town there were 2 friends. One of them was going to go out of town and he had some cash and some jewels. He was going to be out of town for few months due to some business and so he did not want to leave the large some of cash or jewels in the house nor did he want to carry that with him. So he asked the friend  to keep it with him . He handed over the iron safe to his friend.He was out of town for several months and got back in the town . He went to his friend and asked for the safe . The friend told him that the safe was 'eaten up' by rats.Both knew that rats can not eat safe made of solid steel or iron.But he decided not to say much . They continued to be friend , Then the friend whose money was stolen asked his friend if his 5 years old son wants to go for a trip to  near by river . The kid was excited and his father agreed . So he took his son and then came back without the son . So the father asked him as to where was his son. This man replied that they went to banks of river  and a lark snatched the kid and flew away  and so he does not know where is his son now. The father was agree and said 'it is impossible for a lark to snatch the 5 year old kid and fly away and told the friend that he was lying. The friend replied that if Rats can eat steel safe why could lark not be able to snatch the kid? The father understood that he had done wrong. He gave him his safe  and the friend brought back the kid that was safe and was playing with other kids at his home .

    In this story the effect of our action was immediately seen but in Laws of Karma, the effects may take some time in this life or may be apparent in next life or next to next life and so on.