Sunday, January 22, 2023


    The last blog I was trying to outline arguments for the God being treated as Godfather and was stating that he is not like that and we decide the destiny . But at the same time in our scripters it is stated that he will help his devotee. We also see examples of many devotees who have been helped by the God. Pralhad who was tried to be killed by his father who was a demon - Hirankashypoo, by various means -throwing of a cliff or in a boiling oil etc. or Mirabai who was given poison  and many more . In theses instances the God did come and helped . So the question is does God help or are we on out own - experiencing the fruits of our Karma?

    The answerer -that I have or I believe is something in between. In Bhagavat Geeta the Lord Krishna says that I CARRY THINGS FOR MY DEVOTEE .Can I get a parking spot near the entrance if I pray or will the cancer be cured by HIM? It depends upon 2 factors . One is how strongly you believe or trust the God. We do say that we trust God . But the minute something does not go our way e start cursing our luck and next in line for blame is the God. The trust in God has to be such as shown by Prahlad . When he was thrown in boiling oil he did not care if he died and he was saved . So we must have that high a trust then only he will save us .But the second point is more important . None of theses devotee who were helped or saved by the God ever asked for any help or did not ask for things tat we often do - job promotion , a new car or bigger house or betterment of our kids - all these things are never asked by these devotee. In one of the stories of Tulasidas who  was devotee of Lord Rama, he was given some gifts by a rich man . Tulasidas did not care for the gifts but they were given to him and they ere in his home. So the robbers wanted to steal it. But every time they came at night to steal they found 2 guards with bow and arrow guarding the home. THE GUARDS WERE LORD RAMA AND HIS BROTHER LAXMAN . 

    If we don't care or ask for things that are worldly possessions and we have intense faith and trust  and don't ASK FOR HELP THE GOD DOES HELP. My be he ACTS LIKE FATHER OR MOTHER IF NOT LIKE THE  GODFATHER. 

Saturday, January 7, 2023


    I have often seen that many of us blame God when things go wrong  and also thank God when we have success. We tend to blame him when bad things happen and ask question like 'why me'. But when good things happen we never ask the same question 'why me'. We tend to 'treat' the God as if he is the GODFATHER or the Mafia leader. I recently had a friend that had stroke all of a sudden and then recovered but not enough to function as physician. He had no major medical issues till then. Then he lost his wife who was his support . She also had no major history and she dies of sepsis from simple bacteria staph. This is very unfortunate, but then other friend asked a question-"if the God is there why did this happen/'. I am sure we have faced these kind of situations. I have in my personal as well as medical life. One could give an excuse of KARMA. But I want to know  and talk about the concept of the God.

    Is God kind and omnipotent and omnipresent .Or is God STHTA-PRADNYA-described in GEETA unaffected by SUKH - DUKHHA - Pleasure or Sorrow ? DOES HE CARE about our problems? These are the questions that one asks when there is something bad that happens. If he cares why does he allow bad people to be successful or allow them to bother good people? I have mixed feeling about the answers. According to some VEDIC philosopher this is all not REAL and it is like a movie happening on the screen and the screen is not affected by it not the light that allows us to watch or create the pictures on the screen is affected by  the content of the movie is. So the God is like that . WE create our own destiny. Then blame God for our problems and thank him - sometimes for the success. The God is neither happy nor sad or upset by out success or failure. I am not sure of that either. 

   I feel that we have to divide the concept in 2 forms. The God cannot be with emotions like having mercy and feeling sad and feeling happy and getting mad and punish and forgive  and help . Then he is nothing but a HUMAN BEING - may be very very powerful Human being . This also shows that he has 3 GUNAS  and is guided by them . So the GOD is nothing but consciousness  and is without theses attributes. But then we have another entity which we will call god. This is the so called lower level of controller or the god. When universe came in existence, there were 3 different worlds. The  Causal, ASTRAL and Gross universe  and each had a creater.And at further down the gods that are there have GUNAS as they are due to combination of CONSCIOUSNESS  and Nature -which had 3 Gunas. 

    SOI feel that we create our future  and our past create our future. There is free will and we certainly can pray and that can please certain gods but not the GOD. This may also help our endurance or aboilty to tolerate the adverse conditions. The prayers work for whatever reasons , but certain things cannot be changed and in addition to prayers we need efforts on our part and desire and time . 

The example that I have given in past is painting a yellow wall to make it blue. We need desire to change the color and we need paint  and also we need time to paint. The yellow wall is what the cards that we have - the luck  and the free will will dictate if we have enough desire- paint - time to make a change.

Sunday, November 13, 2022


    Ronald Regan had said one time that - I am paraphrasing- Imitation is best form of flattery. But doing imitation without understanding is useless . It may work one or other time but on long term it does not. I may give explanation on  Geeta or Upanishada , but if I have no clue as to what is meditation or how to achieve the Kaivalya - release from cycles of life and death, then may explanations fall short. The story that I am going to tell is very old  and that may be known to many. But it conveys the lesion very well. 

   In India , there was this poor man who used to sell hats. He used to pack all the hats in a basket and then carry it on his head  and walk through the town and then sell them. He used to start early in the morning and then go home in the evening. At the end of the day whatever money he has collected ,he would buy the food for his family and go home. So one day he was doing his routine.. It was noon and the the temperature was reaching at it's peak. It was hot and he was tired walking for 3-4 hours. So he decided to take a break . He  had his lunch with him  and he was hungry and he wanted to take some rest. He went under a shade of big tree. He had his lunch and had dome water  and then decided to take a nap. There were monkeys sitting on the tree. They had watched him very carefully .As he was asleep, they came down and got all the hats from his basket  and went back up in tree. When the poor man woke up, he noticed that all the hats were gone . He thought that there must be a thief . But when he looked up he realized that the hats were taken not by thief, but by the monkeys. He did it know what to do. He started shouting at them and asking them to drop the hats. He was waving his hands and the monkeys were doing same If he shouts they would make sounds . 'if he waved his hands they did the same. He was frustrated . He had lost all the hats and the day would end in starvation as he had not made much money. He sat down and then it struck him The monkeys were just copying his actions. So he stood and as if in anger took his hat  and through in on ground. All the monkeys did the same thing . Quickly he gathered all the hats and started his journey to sell them. 

   Doing things without knowing why we are doing it ,is acting like the monkeys.

Saturday, October 22, 2022


     This question is often asked by many. But that is in a different context. When we see someone young with family and then he or she dies we often question as to why someone so young has to die. But That is not a question that we expect anyone to answer. Then when some older or sick person we  want to to know the event that lead to the death. Like heart failed or had a stroke or had bad infection or breathing stopped . But these are surficial causes or may be terminal causes of the death. My question is as to how is the time of death decided ? Why doe a child dies suddenly or a young person dies in sleep or older person is there one day and is gone next day.

     So I have some thought process. This is the explanation that comes oit of my understanding of Law of Karma. ( For detail see my book on Amazon -Law of Karma, reincarnation and Genetics under my name Kirtane). As we know there are 3 kinds of Karmas. The one that I am doing now and have done in this life is called Kriyaman- I am doing it so called KRIYA. The part of that  will give fruits immediately  and part will be stored to show it's effect late in this life or future life. The next on is what is stored and the fruits have not yet come out is called SANCHIT KARMA. This is very large in quantity as is collected over period of several thousand lives .We are born with part of the SANCHIT KARMA , that is going to come to fruition in this life. This will give rise to the fruits in PRESENT LIFE . So we have 2 sources of Karma that will give rise to fruits in present life - one is what we do in this life and has some chance of coming to fruition in present life  and part of what we came with or born with from SANCHIT KARMA. So our life span is decided by when we  run out of the effects or fruits of these Karma. I can give an example of money . We make money and we have some inheritance . The inheritance is like SANCHIT KARMA  and the money that we make is like KRIYAMAN KARMA . When we run out of both these sources of money we cannot be in casino or moll. The same is with karmas . Once we are done with Karma fruition , there is no need for physical body and we die .

Sunday, September 4, 2022


    I wrote about the consciousness  and Brain .As I mentioned  in last one there are different views about the consciousness . One is that the consciousness is produced by Brain So the CONSCIOUSNESS is PRODUCT of the Anatomical Brain . The other view is that the CONSCIOUSNESS is the cause of BRAIN or consciousness produces brain function. And lastly the Brain and Consciousness are 2 independent entities . One can easily understand the 3 positions . The one that says that the consciousness is produced by the Anatomical brain is the view of neuroscientist  and may be of the people who do not believe in GOD . The view that the Brian is produced - the function of the brain is produced by the consciousness is the view of those who believe in GOD. Most of the world religions like Christianity and the Abrahamic religions and certainly some parts of Hindu religions believe that the brain is produced by the consciousness. The SANKHA  philosophy is the one that feels that there is consciousness as PRIMARY independent entity and the BRAIN  and  for that matter the entire body and the metrical things in the universe are separate and the Mind and the Intellect are also part of matter  and that is independent entity. The SANKHYA calls it PURUSHA AND PRAKRUTI - CONSCIOUSNESS and NATURE or Matter. The Hindu or VEDICA philosophy has many branches and the ADWAUTYA -NONDUEL philosophy has a very different view. It feels that the only REALTHING is the Consciousness  and it is projected as the entire world . The WORLD is projected by the consciousness and is IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS . So in that view the whole thing that we see or perceive as the entire world which includes our  own body is INSIDE CONSCIUSNESS and nor it is independent nor it is real. 

    This does not mean that there is no world But it means that it is not what it appears to be. ANYTHING THAT CAN BE PERCEIVED IS NOT CONSCIOUSNESS . So the physical body or Mind or Intellect or the entire outside world is not the consciousness. The Consciousness CAN NOT BE PERCEIVED. In the typical example of rope being mistaken as snake -the snake is not there but the rope is there  and so the the view of this philosophy the ignorance causes us to mistake the consciousness as the world To them the WORLD does exist at the transactional  level  called VYAVAHARIK  but at the spiritual level there is nothing but consciousness .

    I DON'R THINK WE REALY KNOW . But just thought of putting some different views on this topic . 

Sunday, August 28, 2022


      I have been intrigued by the debate as to what is consciousness. The debate has gotten more intense with medical and neuroscience advancement. We did not have CT scan till 1980  and the PET SCAN came later on . The PET scan is more biological while the CT scab is more anatomical. And there is now MRI .As one can easily understand the subtle things mind and intellect and CONSCIOUSNESS can not be seen by in anatomical scan and needs ADDITIONAL THINGS  and so far there is no scan which shows the consciousness. The MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging . Since there is magnet and there is iron in blood and red blood cells one can at least see if there are areas in brain which light up with certain emotions etc. This is promising field of investigation. 

  The question is what is consciousness  and where does it come from. As I mentioned above ,we have Brain as the source of all out thoughts  and memory. So does the brain - anatomical brain - produces consciousness or is the consciousness causes brain to function or the 2 are independent entities ? There has bee number of neuro scientist who are working on it . As I have mentioned in past the chemical reaction or the electrical activity that happens when we see or touch or hear , are same ,no matter what we are seeing - a table or spouse or cake. Then why do we have different reaction ? Then the answer given is it jogs our memory and based on our previous experience, we react. But the question is how is the memory stored in a cell - if it is in some form of chemical or electrical activity, then how is it different for different things ? How would my memory in form of chemical or electrical activity be different for cake than my spouse? We certainly have no answer as yet . We are making progress on where is memory stored in anatomical brain. I feel that there the memory is stored in 'ABSTRACT' form in ASTRAL brain  and  it is carried from one life to other .Again there cannot be direct proof to such a statement only circumstantial. We often see children born of same parents ,brought up under similar conditions having  entirely different liking. 

    I know I started with consciousness , but ended with something different. Some feel that that the so called consciousness is produced by brain . Roger Penrose has been talking about microtubules in neurons  and some others are saying that it is like symphony .In symphony one has a sound produced by many musical instruments playing at the same time  and the final product is symphony music . In that same way multiple neurons firing at the same time produce consciousness. These scientists do not feel that the consciousness is anything independent from anatomical brain and is product of neurons firing . Again I do not agree . But my thoughts in next blog.

Sunday, August 14, 2022


    This question has ben asked by everyone -young and old  and sick and heathy  and male and female  and in all cultures . One does have some answers in each culture but they deal with not what leaves but what happens after death . Th Abrahamic religions have  one way of thinking - they have concept of waking up and getting reward or punishment. While Hindus have Reincarnation. I have a hard time accepting that the GOD will allow us the human beings only one chance to either pass or fail . So I believe in reincarnation. ( For those interested may want to get my book Law of Karma , Reincarnation and Genetics available on Amazon- books under SHIRISH KIRTANE).But that is not what I am talking about I am asking as to what is the difference in ALIVE person and a DEAD body . 

    The answer that I have is simple. We have 3 bodies namely the STHUL SHARIR GROSS BODY , SUKSHMA SHARIR OR SUBTLE OR ASTRAL BODY  AND THE KARAN SHARIR OR CAUSAL BODY . The physical body or the gross body or the STHUL SHARIR is what we all see  and can touch etc. But the Subtle body also called Astral body - SUKSHMA SHARIR is not seen but we are familiar with it . It is the mind -intellect - feeling -emotions etc.  and these we can not see or touch  and so the term SUBTLE body. The Causal body is one which is the cause for these 2 other bodies. The unit of Causal body, Subtle body and Physical or Gross body -along with CONSCIOUSNESS  is what we have when we are alive .As one can see Gross or Physical body cannot do anything if it does not have other 2 bodies and the Consciousness . So at the time of death this unit leaves . The Consciousness pervades EVERYTHING and so it does pervade the dead body too. But the Subtle body and causal body cannot express or do anything without the Physical body  and same with Physical body . It can not do anything when the other 2 bodies are not there . The Consciousness 'trapped' or Reflected ' in other 2 bodies is called JIVA or LIFE. So, when someone dies the Physical body is there but the Subtle body and Causal body and the reflected consciousness has left.