Sunday, December 3, 2023


    This question may sound kind of stupid . People die as their heart stops or they have stroke or have heart attack or the breathing stops. Sometimes that happens suddenly due to car accident or over period of time due to cancer and other diseases. We have seen cause of death being told by family member as 'old age'. But the question that I am asking is not that, but why do people die at different ages  and sometimes we do not even know why the hear stopped or someone dies in sleep. My question is more theological then the simple answer that we give or get.

   To answer this question, I have to go back to my other blogs and know about the concept of 3 bodies and consciousness. It may sound like repetition but not really. We have 3 bodies namely the Physical or Gross body also known as STHUL SHARIR. We all know that and I do not need to explain this . Then there is a SUBTLE BODY or also called SUKSHMA SHARIR. The mind and intellect  and that also includes feeling and emotions etc. And we also have a CAUSAL BODY also called KARAN SHARIR. So when the physical body dies ,we still have the Subtle body and Causal body. The mind and intellect and feeling and impressions from our actions are stored in the complex of Subtle and Causal bodies . The causal body is called causal body , as it is the CAUSE of other 2 bodies. So, when we die or to specify when the physical body dies , we still have 2 other bodies but the connection is gone. The consciousness is there but without physical body it can not express. We are born with certain karmas coming to fruition. We have done thousands of karmas and each has impression and effects. They have to come to fruition. But all cannot come to fruition when we are born in a particular life. So we are born with CERTAIN KARMAS that need to come to fruition and that is called PRARABDH karma. We continue to do more Karmas called KRIYAMAN KARMA. Some of these Kriyaman Karmas, come to fruition in this life and some will be stored . The stored karmas are called SANCHIT .So our present life is there as long as the effects of our stored Karmas that we are born with and will have effects on this life plus the Karmas that we did in this life that will have effects in this life. Once this stock of karmas are done with the physical body dies as there is no function or work left for 'this body' ,And until we get new physical bodies rest of the karmas cannot come to fruition .  .

   We will continue to have new physical body as the causal body continue to store effects of our karmas  and so we will be born again. The present life is determined by what we have to experience in this lofe. When that is done - we die. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023


     In Vedic religion, we have 3 bodies namely Gross , Astral and Causal bodies - also known as STHUL SUKSHMA AND KARAN SHARIR. In that concept we also have concept of Physical Brain and also Astral Brain. The concept of NADI is also well known  and There are 72000 Nadis and some feel that we have more than 72000 Nadis .So in Astral spine there are 3 Nadis which are  main  The SUSHUMNA is the central one and on it's each side is IDA , which is one left side  and PINGALA , which is on right side of the Sushumna nadi. I think that may be the replication of physical spine and which is SUSHUMNA  and the sympathetic chain and parasympathetic nervous system may be the IDA and PINGALA. Some feel that IDA and PINGALA are duality like SHIV and SHAKT  or Feminine  and Masculine  or Intellect and Intuition . 

   The SUSHUMNA  extends from MULADHAR CHAKRA which is at coccygeal area to Brain. It provides power of expansion, contraction all the activities of motion of Astral spine.  Within the SUSHUMNA is the spine called VAJRA and that extends from SWADHISTAN CHAKRA  which is at sacral spine area Within the VAJRA is the CHITRA SPINE . which controls the spiritual activities . The VAJRA spine is helpful for motion of the astral body and  provides power of expansion and contraction of the astral spine. 

   The BRAHMANADI is described as inside CHITRA spine . It could be considered as spine from CAUSAL BODY or KARAN SHARIR. It is  thoughts, vibration or consciousness. When we say 'inside ' it is not physically inside , but for out concept we use the terms like 'inside' and 'outside'. 

    The Astral Brain has the Consciousness or Reflected Consciousness. It descends through the spine and gives the qualities of each Center or CHAKRA .It manifests as Wisdom in Causal Brain, Intuition in Medulla, Calmness in cervical center ,Self control in lumbar area and Restraint in Coccygeal center.

   The BRAHMARANDRAH is the opening on the top of skull through with the energy enters the spine. It is present in new born infant and then it closes in physical body. The same thing can be said in Astral Brain and spine. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023


    In the Bhagavat Geeta, in chapter 1,verses 15 to 18 there is mention of different warriors  from Pandava's side blowing their conches. It is difficult to understand what exactly is the meaning of theses conches ,if any. But if one considers the concept that the whole war was a symbolic of OUR OWN FIGHT between ego and our tendencies from our senses and trying to uplift in meditation, then theses things make sense. So when the Pandavas blow the conches there is a meaning and I will talk about it. This is from what Yoganand states and I felt that was very well thought out. 

  Nakul and Sahadeo represent lowest of the 2 Chakras and they also represent WATER or AAP and Earth - PRUTHVI Elements of the PANCH MAHABHUTAS respectively . The conch of Sahadeo is named MANIPUSGPAJA .and the conch of Nakul is named SUGHOSH. When we do mediation and then coiled up KUNDALINI gets uncoiled and starts  ascending and goes through various Chakras, one hears the different sounds .MANIPUSHPAJA means "that which manifests by sound and so with concentration on Muladhar Chakra , one hears the sounds of DRONE OF HONEY BEES'. The SUGHOSH means 'that which sounds clearly and sweetly '. So when one concentrates on the SWADHISHTAN Chakra one hears sound of Flute.

   The next one is Arjuna. His conch is named DHANAJAYA which means 'winner of wealth' Arjun represents Fire or TEJAS element of PANCH MAHABHUTAS. He represents MANIPOOR CHAKRA. When one concentrates on this Chakra, he  hears sounds of Harp or VEENA .

   The next one is Bhima and his conch is named PAUNDRA which means 'that which disintegrates lower states'. He represents VAYU of PANCH MAHABHUTAS. He represents ANAHAT CHAKRA. When one concentrates on that Chakra he hears AUM sound. 

 The next one is Yudhistira  His conch is named ANANTAVIJAYA, which means 'that which concurs infinity'. He represents AKASH or Space - Either element of the PANCH MAHABHUTAS. He represents VISHUDHAN CHAKRA . When one concentrates on that chakra he hears all pervading eheric vibration of AUM sounds like distant ocean.

  So the war is our own way of conquering our Ego -Bhishma -the Universal Ego and our own Saunskaras or impressions from last life -DRONA with the help of Meditation.

Saturday, September 9, 2023


   In the concept of Hindu religion , we have 5 sheaths or coverings that are described . The five are very easy to understand. They are 






The names are self explanatory as to what theses coverings are . Each is inner than the previous or subtler to be more accurate in stating. Translating it in English theses are






The food sheath or Annamay Kosh is gross  and seen be seen by everyone, but the other 4 are not seen and are subtle sheaths. The Food sheath or ANNAMAYA Kosh is given that name as the physical body need or is build by food that we eat. It depends upon the  food and so it is called Food sheath or Annamay KOSH. 

   The energy that every living being has is called PRANA in Hindu religion. The life is other way to look at. In Indian languages when we say PRANA has left , we are talking about life has left or someone is dead .(But please do not misunderstand this PRANA for the Consciousness) So it is easy to understand that we call this PRANMAY KOSH or energy sheath .It has 5 different functions and names - so called PRANA, APAN,VYAN,UDAN AND SAMAN. Each has different bodily function and there can be defects in them . The location of theses PRANA is also different. When someone dies, each Prana leaves the body at different times - not all of them leave at the same time . One may have observed that the facial hair and nails grow for few days even after the so called physical body and that is due to the VYAN leaving at 14 days. Just a note - PRANA leaves in 48 to 64 minutes- less than an hour, APAN leaves in 8 to 18 hours , UDAN leaves in 6-12 hours , SAMAN leaves body in 20 minutes. 

     The MANOMAYA KOSH or the MIND sheath is the next one and is more subtle and one cannot see it but knows about it. We all now the mind  and that is is part of the PRAKRUTI or the Nature. It is to some extent controlled by Intellect or BUDHHI .

    The DNYANAMAY KOSH or Intellect is inner to Mind  and it is not affected by emotions . The emotions affect Mind but the Intellect being superior to that is not affected  and in a way it is due to the experience that we have had. Learning is  a form of experience. My old example is when we go t a supermarket and see cookies, we do not grab and eat as we are told by our previous experience - The Intellect, that we must pay first and then eat it . The child who has not had that experience , will grab and eat . So the mind wants to eat and Intellect tells the Mind to wait till we have paid for it. 

   The inner to that or subtle to that is the BLOSS or ANANDMAY KOSH. This is the bliss beyond the Mind -Intellect and so it is called ANANDMAY KOSH.

Saturday, August 26, 2023


   The Vaidic religion, we have a concept of 3 Gunas or to call them in English QUALITIES. But that word does not justify or clarify exact meaning of what is meant by GUNA. When we talk about sugar being sweet, we say that it is the quality of sugar. Same with salt being salty. Ice is cold and so on. That quality is not what we refer to when we call GUNA in Vaidic religion. When we do any action, that is motivated by one of the 2 Gunas. So, we have 3 Gunas namely SATWIC , RAJASIC and TAMASIC .To explain the 3 Gunas, we can say that the Satwic Guna is PURE or Goodness of heart or selfless action. Satwic Guna when predominant, we do GOOD actions mostly without expecting any reward , but not always. The Rajasic is ACTIVATING , we do action with some expectation and we have Rajasic Guna guiding our action. And the last one Tamasic Gina is laziness or inactivity or even bad activity.

   How did this come in existence? In our religion there is no beginning or end of the Universe and there are more than one universe. So at the end of the universe everything goes in to Singularity. All the living things go dormant - but in one singularity. The 3 Gunas and everything else -5 Mahabhutas are all in dormant status and 3 Gunas are in balance. Then when a new universe is to start or the universe starts when there is a DISTURBANCE or what we call GUNASHOBINI . The imbalance leads to origin of the universe. The imbalance leads to rise of self awareness or AHANKAR and then the 5 great elements or Panchamahabhutas. 

    We all have 3 Gunas and the preponderance of one of them makes us what we are and what action we take. We have 4 classes or VARNA. The idea behind was that whatever Guna is prominent, that determines out life our likes and dislikes and our occupation. But then it the society made it on which family we are born and not on our own ATRIBUTES. The dominance of Satwic Guna and some Rajasic and very little Tamasic would lead to actions like teaching , priest, doctors etc or so called Brahmin. The dominance of Rajasic and some Satwic and little Tamasic would lead to Warriors or Kshatriya . The dominance of Rajasic and Tamasic and little of Satwic would lead to is called Vaishya or businessman. Lastly dominance of Tamasic and very little of Satwic and Rajasic leads to Shudra. 

  We all do actions and we cannot stop doing action and that leads to impression and or SAUNSKAR  and that leads to desire and then again action . This cycle leads to rebirth. We all have actions that we do motivated by one of the 3 Gunas and we all are Satiwic or Rajasic or Tamasic at one or different times . When we party  and indulge, we are Tamasic . When we  help others or donate money we are Satwic and some Rajasic  and so on. The same action may be due to different Gunas. Suppose one does Prayer to get something - it could be due to any of the 3 Gunas . If the reason for the prayer is to be one with God and have His love , then that is Satwic prayer , If the aim of the prayer is to Get something - new Job -money - house or car etc. -then then the Prayer is Rajasic and if the aim of the prayer is to have ill fate come to someone - disease - loss of life or money etc. then the prayer is Tamasic So now you know that we can be Brahman- Kshatriya - Vaishya or Shudra at different times. More on Guna next time.

Saturday, July 22, 2023


    In many places there is mention of 3 SHAKITIS or 3 Powers or energies .In Ganapati Atharbshirsh, there s statement that HE is the 3 SHATIS. So what are these 3 powers or Shakts ? The answer is kind of mix . There many things which are in threes - there are 3 things together. So some of the three things are mentioned here..

 The universe  has beginning and is maintained and then is dissolved . So what starts from Singularity is vast and continues to expand  and is sustained and then dissolved or becomes singularity All these 3 things need ENERGY . The Big Bang did not happen without energy  and same holds true for sustaining the universe which continues to expand - needs energy and that expanded universe biomes again singularity also needs energy. The GOD is that 3 ENERGIES. 

  As human being or any live thing in this universe has 3 POWERS. We have Physical Energy or power and we have Mental power and we also have Intellectual power . So at the Macro level we have powers for the Universe  and at Microcosm or at individual level again we have 3 Powers Everyone has these 3 powers and one may have more of less of these but we all have it. Again he is the cause of theses powers. 

  To do anything we need DESIRE. Just desire is not enough as we may have desire to make million dollars, But then we need KNOWLEDGE - how to make money  and that is second power which is the power of the Knowledge . Lastly we need to have LIFE or in Hindu it is called CHETANA -Awareness ,which is also a Power . So we have again 3 powers 

    There are many things which are in 3 - PAST - PRESENT AND FUTURE as the part of Time. 3 Universes CAUSAL -(KARAN),ASTRAL OR SUBTLE(SUKKSHM ) AND PHYSICAL (STHULA). 


Saturday, July 15, 2023


     In Hindu religion there are these CHAKRAS and they are know even in western societies too. The comcept is that these may be the origin of nerve pleuzes . Thesre are not necessarily seen on disection of physical body , but they are  mentioned and there is significance of them for the mediatation . 

   One concept is that there is coiled up energy - called KUNDALINI and when one does the mediatation the Kundalini rises and then it goes up the Astral sine and then when it comes to the top CHAKRA then one has achieved the success in getting the SAMADHI. 

  They are also considered to represent 5 PANDAVAS and DRAUPADI . The Draupadi is the energy or the Kundallini and it meets each of the Pandeva , each one is related to 5 Chakras and also 5 Mahabhuta. So this is important concept to understand  So let me state them with their names and characters etc.

  The lowest of them is called MULADHAR CHAKRA . It is located at the coccyx area. The controller of the Chakra is is Lord Ganesh. And may be for that reason we worship Lord Ganesh every time we start any Pooja or worship. It has 4 petals. When it is successfully stimulated one remembers impressions from previous life. 

   The next one is called SWADHISTAN CHAKRA . It is located between genitals and anus. It has 6 petals It has relation with Rajasic Guna and the the controller of this Chakra is BRAHMADEO. When one gets control over this one he has prefect celibacy.

  The next one is MANIPOOR CHAKRA. It is near belly button or umbilicus. Lord Vishnu is the controller and it has 10 petals. When one gets mastery over this Chakra, Satvic Guna is promoted . 

   The next one is ANAHAT CHAKRA. It is located at the heart and has 12 petals. The  controller is RUDRA which destroys the universe when needed and Tamasic Guna is the main Guna. Having control on this Chakra leads to improved heart function, circulation and also body stays fresh and young . 

    The next one is VISHUDHA CHAKRA . It is located at top of the skull -and it has 16 petals  and controller is JIVATMA -Life force. When one has mastery over this Chakra, he realizes that we are not limited by Physical Body.

    The next one is ADNYA CHAKRA. This is located on fore head or may be the spiritual eye .It has 2 petals. The Supreme Consciousness - PARAMATMA is the controller. Control on this one leads to feeling that Paramatma is in charge and not Jivatma. 

   The next one is SAHASTRAR CHAKRA This is located in the brain It has 1000 petals or may be thousands of petals. As one knows we have several neuronal connections - literally thousands of them  and that is also why the Guru or the enlightened spiritual teacher when touches the head , we get blessed and achieve success in the SAMADHI.